XTERRA Fitness TR150 Review

XTERRA Fitness TR150 Review

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XTERRA Fitness TR150 Review Summary

The XTERRA Fitness TR150 is an excellent budget-friendly treadmill for people who are looking for a quality machine that won’t break the bank. It’s an ideal starter treadmill for walking or light jogging. For example, the low deck height, foldable and lightweight quality allows the TR150 to be used in most types of spaces. The 10 mph top speed, ability to incline, and intuitive LCD display with 12 pre-set workouts enables people of any ability to exercise easily and increase intensity to keep up with improved fitness levels overtime. But there’s no such thing as the perfect low cost treadmill and it makes compromises such as reduced quality internal components that surface when in use.

Best Budget Choice
XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Smart Treadmill, 250 LB Weight Capacity,...


  • 12 preset workout programs.
  • Great features for a low price.
  • Low deck step height and foldable for small rooms.
  • Easy to assemble and operate.
  • 250 lb weight capacity
  • 5″ LCD display for tracking data.


  • Limited manual incline.
  • Motor power is weak for high intensity training.
  • Console design is dated.

Key features: Speakers, LCD display, 12-preset programs, safety key, hand grip pulse sensors, Bluetooth, transportation wheels, accessory holders.

XTERRA Fitness TR150 specifications

MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Weight97 lbs
Motor Horsepower2.25 HP
Speed Rating10 mph
Dimensions63.4″ L x 28.75″ W x 51.4″ H
Running Path16″ W x 50″ L
Maximum User Weight250 lbs
Incline3 manual levels
Step up Height5.15 inches

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Design and Build Quality

The XTERRA Fitness TR150 may look frail at first glance but the black slim frame made from steel is quite robust and provided stability to stop the treadmill from shaking around the room while working out. When I first stepped onto it I wasn’t expecting much from the build quality given the low price but it felt a solid construction with a deck that could withstand their 250 lb weight capacity claims without hindering performance. With that said, anyone who is at the upper limit would benefit from a 300 lb capacity treadmill instead to help minimize long-term wear and tear that causes complete failure sooner. The handrails are coated in a plastic that helped with grip and was preferable to cold metal material.

Motor Power and Performance

The motor power of the TR150 treadmill is 2.25 HP, which is adequate for light exercise. We recommend a 3 Horsepower motor for frequent running as seen on the popular XTERRA TRX3500 treadmill. However, this model has a speed range of 0.5 to 10 miles per hour and demonstrates great motor strength for size and cost. The closest competitor that delivers 3 HP is the UREVO foldable treadmill with incline but you sacrifice some comfort and 1.5 mph less top speed. After testing many treadmills I found that without the need for an auto incline motor that adjusts during exercise, there is much less strain on components so you can still get good mileage from the TR150 with less power.

Running Surface

The running surface of the XTERRA Fitness TR150 is very comfortable, even for long runs. The XTRASOFT Cushioned Deck technology absorbs impact to reduce the strain on your joints and help make it safe to prevent injury. Of course, we’ve tested plenty of higher end treadmills like the Bowflex 10 with more advanced shock absorption systems but the TR150 is a much more affordable treadmill choice for people wanting comfort. The belt size isn’t suitable for everyone. Measuring 17″ W and 50″ L the running path has a narrow belt and tall users with long strides are restricted from high speed running. This doesn’t present a problem when you walk or jog but if you struggle with balance then you might benefit from 18-20″ W and 6ft+ users will appreciate a minimum of 60″ L running deck.

There is a belt manual incline option. You can adjust the incline level at the back of the deck. Simply adjust a pulley knob with 3 manual incline levels on each side to lower that end. This makes the 5.15″ step-up height even shorter so the TR150 treadmill is a perfect choice for incline in rooms with low ceilings. The slope isn’t steep by any stretch of the imagination but it’s enough to challenge yourself, burn more calories in less time, and work different muscles. I was able to get a great workout in every time I used it. 

Console and Controls

The console and controls on the XTERRA Fitness TR150 are extremely easy to use. The LCD display clearly shows my speed, distance, calories burned, time, and heart rate. I can also easily select from 12 pre-set programs. I wish they added names for these programs but they provide diagrams on the side instead that showcase little graphs that visualize time/speed intervals. It can be difficult to distinguish between them and know what training is best for a specific reason e.g. heart rate or hill climb.

Despite a dated look, the control panel is very intuitive to help achieve cardio goals. What I love the most is the quick access speed buttons that let you jump between 1-10 mph with a single touch rather than the usual inconvenient method of holding it down. The pace adjusts relatively quick which is great for interval training.

Other than that you have your basic start and stop options with a safety key. You can remove the safety key to prevent other people such as children from turning it on and hurting themselves or unauthorized access from other residents. It doubles up as an emergency stop that you can clip on to automatically stop if you start to fall behind or lose balance.

Additionally, you have some speakers to play music or audiobooks with Bluetooth connectivity to your smart device. Studies suggest audio is a motivating force for better workout performance and it keeps you entertained without headphones that may dislodge while running. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t expect much because the quality of sound is underwhelming and a bit quiet. A tablet holder rests on the top half of the console, although this blocks the LCD screen and some speed buttons.

Cup holders are available either side to store water bottles so you can stay hydrated while exercising. You can also monitor your pulse during workouts with the hand rail pulse grips. It took a while for it to register and doesn’t provide a fully accurate heart rate reading but you get a rough estimate. This is a useful feature because it’s important to maintain high number of Beats Per Minute to ensure your cardiovascular health improves and you are burning calories at an optimal rate.

Size and Storage

xterra fitness tr150 dimensions

Dimensions for the XTERRA TR150 treadmill are 63.4″ L x 28.75″ W x 51.4″ H. This exercise machine is compact to squeeze into most rooms so the narrow belt has its advantages. The item weight is only 97 pounds so it’s portable for those who want to use it in apartments or upper floors in your home. There are built-in transport wheels with a handle grip underneath the deck for lugging it around. I managed by myself at 5′,7″ and even though it’s heavy for smaller folk, it still only requires one person unless you have a high friction floor that causes resistance.

You’ll be pleased to know the TR150 is a folding treadmill to save space when not in use. All you need to do is lift up the back of the deck towards the console and there’s an easy-pull knob on the side that you can then release to lock it in vertically. The pull knob release requires you to descend the deck down manually, which isn’t ideal for elderly people whereas expensive models like XTERRA TRX4500 have automated function.

Note that the folded height increases from 51.4″ to 61″ and the length decreases from 63.4″ to 28.5″ to clear up floor space.

Ease of Assembly

The ease of assembly of the XTERRA Fitness TR150 is one of its best features. I was able to put it together within 20 minutes with minimal effort. If you look at the assembly manual instructions you can see that there are only a few major parts to piece together with nuts and bolts. There were no loose ends and it didn’t require a second person as many do. All that’s left is to plug the power cord into an appropriate socket and you’re good to go. TR150 power supply requirements: AC 110V 15A.

Noise Level

It has a quiet motor at low speed levels. As you move into power walking you notice a difference in noise but it’s not enough to draw attention from the neighbors. It doesn’t require me to turn up the volume on my music too loud to drown out the sound. This is great for those looking for an effective workout without disturbing their surroundings. I’ve encountered much quieter treadmills at running pace but when compared to other low budget choices it is one of my preferred choices next to Sole treadmills.

Durability and Maintenance

The durability and ease of maintenance make this a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable treadmill that requires minimal effort to maintain in peak condition. In the event that something goes wrong you get an error code and XTERRA offer help files to help fix many of them without requiring a technician, who may take weeks to arrive. You can submit a support ticket online or call them directly at 800-258-8511 for customer assistance.

The lifetime frame warranty is a testament to the build quality but there’s significantly less cover for other components: Motor 1-year, Deck 90 days, Parts 90 days, Labor 90 days.

The TR150 also requires regular care to help guarantee reliable functionality. Namely, you need to ensure the treadmill is clean, lubricated, and the belt is adjusted from time to time to prevent slipping. The company recommends you lubricate the belt every 90 days or after 90 hours of use. There are clear instructions for all maintenance on their support site.

Price and Value

The price range varies but the TR150 always remains at a reasonable price between $375 – $700. This is excellent value for money considering the sturdiness, reliability, performance and abundance of features included. There is plenty of room for improvement but it rivals many more expensive treadmills. Where it lacks the most is undoubtedly the technology. As you start to breach the $1000 mark the market opens up to HD touchscreens and advanced virtual workouts that integrate with your speed and incline settings.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews have praised the XTERRA Fitness TR150 treadmill for its quality, ease of assembly and size at a great price. To date, it’s one of the most popular motorized purchases on Amazon with over 17,000 ratings, the overwhelming majority of which are 5 stars. Overall, people are highly satisfied with the running experience.

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