WalkingPad R2 Review: Viral 2-in-1 folding Treadmill

WalkingPad R2 review

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WalkingPad R2 Review Overview

The WalkingPad R2 is a revolutionary 2-in-1 space saver treadmill that has been making waves in the fitness industry, particularly on social media. This innovative machine is designed to provide users with an effective workout while taking up minimal floor space. It has two modes, a walking mode and running mode, so users can choose the intensity of their exercise depending on their goals. It’s an ideal choice for brisk walkers who who need a quick and easy way to fit exercise into their day. The R2 was also designed to be a more suitable alternative to the popular WalkingPad x21 as an under bed and desk treadmill. But, understandably, budget conscious buyers may be reluctant to splash out on something pricey which isn’t optimized for high intensity exercise.


  • Space-saving and compact design with rails and double folding deck.
  • Lightweight and portable at 79.36 lbs with front wheels for easy movement.
  • Fold down rails with adjustable height and remote control for under desk workouts.
  • Auto mode with automatic speed adjustment depending on where you stand on the deck.
  • Brushless motor technology for more efficient and quieter operation.


  • Maximum speed may not be suitable for users looking for high-intensity exercise.
  • No speed controls on display panel.
  • App syncing can be problematic.
  • No incline.

WalkingPad R2 Treadmill Specifications

MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Weight97 lbs
Motor HorsepowerUndisclosed
Speed Rating7.45 mph
Dimensions‎57.17″L x 28.43″W x 51.18″H
Running Path17.3″ W x 47.2″ L
Maximum User Weight240 lbs
Step up Height3 inches

Design and Features

The WalkingPad R2 makes a good first impression with a stunning aluminum alloy frame coated in a metallic finish. It’s easily the best looking design we’ve seen for a walking machine. A simple but sleek display sets the tone for what to expect when using it.

Compact Design and Foldable Features

One major difference between the WalkingPad and other treadmills is the versatile space saving design. The deck on most compact treadmills are usually designed without rails so they can slide away or the full length of the deck folds towards the ceiling. The R2 deck not only comes with rails that fold down to fit under furniture, the deck double folds to half in size and then 180-degree folding upright beneath the rails. This takes up a fraction of the space as competition, making it perfect for small homes or apartments with limited space.

Lightweight Design

It won’t come as a surprise to hear the R2 treadmill is lightweight at just 79.36 lbs. I was able to lift the entire thing being 5′,7″ but carrying does require some strength and effort. There are two small transportation wheels at the front that make it easy to cart around regardless of height. There is room for improvement as the wheels drag on thick carpet. And as a treadmill focused on portability we would have liked for the wheels to rotate sideways to assist this function instead of staying fixed. Still, more importantly, being a lightweight and portable treadmill didn’t cause it to shake and move around the room during exercise, even at higher speeds, due to solid build quality.

Manual Mode/Automatic Mode

Manual mode and Automatic on the WalkingPad R2 treadmill are useful but we found it a little confusing at first as ‘manual’ implies you can run without requiring electricity or motor. But in this instance, manual mode simply means adjusting speed settings with your phone or remote.

In auto mode, the technology gets more interesting. When testing this feature there was an automatic speed adjustment depending on where you stood on the deck. The front half is running mode and the back is walking mode. So you can warm up for 5 minutes near the back and then step forward and the pace will speed up. There are two small issues with this. The first is that it’s hard to maintain a constant pace. The second is the deck isn’t very long so you change speed while moving slightly along the deck. Other than that, this was a pretty unique way to make exercise more engaging so it’s nice to have to switch things up.

LED Display/Power Button

The console consists of a display to view your speed, time, distance, steps, and calorie burn. Including steps was a nice touch because a lot of people trying to stay fit like to track steps to achieve common fitness goals like 10,000 steps a day. In theory, you should be able to use the Walking Pad ‘KS Fit’ app to keep track of that data and share with Apple Health or Google Fit but the app is a weak spot of this brand and other reviews have noted problems with syncing. With that said, there is a smart device holder so you have the option to display everything on a bigger screen.

Safety Features

This is a treadmill designed to be safe. Safety features include your typical emergency stop that clips on in case you fall behind or lose balance. That safety key pulls out so you can make sure it can’t be operated by anyone who isn’t authorized to use it. The deck side rails include metal footplates that prove to be grippy. That made it easy to hop on and off at any speed if I needed a quick break while working out. 

Performance & Functionality

Maximum Speed, Speed Range and Capacity

Think of the R2 as a walking treadmill with running mode. It’s similar to driving around in an efficient, reliable everyday car with a smaller engine which has a sports mode for added fun. If running fast is your main goal then the 7.45 mph max speed wont be enough. However, for weight loss this is an ideal option because it functions better for low to moderate intensity training and limits the risk of injury. You can workout for up to 2 hours before it requires a 30 minute rest. It’s well optimized for walking speed between 0.5 and 4 mph. Speed range is adjusted in 0.5 increments, which is good for changing pace quicker but that can be a noticeable jump so they could have offered an option for 0.1 increments as well.

Treadmill Belt & Brushless Motor Technology

Walking Pad don’t specify the motor HP but we anticipate around 1.0 to 1.5 HP, especially given the similarities with the WalkingPad x21 model. The brushless technology compensates for weak horsepower in several ways. The motor is uses a complex system of magnets and electronic controllers to create the rotating magnetic field that drives the treadmill belt. The result is a more efficient, quieter, and longer-lasting machine.

The Walkingpad R2 provides quiet operation while still delivering plenty of power. The noise starts to pick up at 5 mph when your jogging gains pace but not enough to disturb your neighbors. So you don’t need to worry about using it early morning or night. If you’re situated on upper level floors, any potential disruption would be more to do with impact of running and that depends on the material, thickness and insulation of the ground/ceiling. In my experience, the only places it wasn’t suitable, at least for jogging, was a cheaply made apartment block where you could already hear footsteps above you or cottages with creaky upstairs floors.

The running belt provides superior cushioning and shock absorption making it suitable for any type of runner. If you have problems with bad knees or joints, the R2 is more comfortable than most treadmills designed for walking, which tend to be low spec and inexpensive. The belt also has an anti-slip surface ensuring runners have a safe and secure experience while running on the machine. The deck has four-layers of protection, including an elastic mid layer to lessen foot impact and help with noise reduction. This also shields internal components from damage to increase the lifespan of parts. In rare cases, customer reviews report loud noises shortly after use, which is a fault for the company to rectify.

The walking area is 17.3″ W x 47.2″ L. This is small but sufficient for the intentions of light to moderate exercise for most heights all the way to 6′,7″. The maximum weight capacity is 240 lbs but in reality anyone near the limit should consider a more heavy duty treadmill like the NordicTrack 1750 or XTERRA Fitness TRX3500

The only other drawback to the belt is that you can feel a slight ridge in the middle of the deck where the treadmill folds but this becomes less noticeable over time.

Remote Control/Standing Desk Compatibility

The handrails can collapse to become a fully flat treadmill so the R2 treadmill comes with a remote control to control speed in a convenient way. This makes it ideal for those who have a standing desk setup, as they can control the speed of their workout while still working on their laptop. The handrails have adjustable height as well. So even if you don’t need this feature to walk while working, simply having the ability to adjust the display and controls to fit the reach of any size person appeals to households with multiple users.

Impressive Features for Tight Spaces

This innovative 2-1 space saver treadmill is lightweight, foldable and packs an impressive set of features in a small package. You can easily wedge it under or between a piece of furniture or carry it to a closet. The foldable design patent makes this hard to replicate so it’s one of the only treadmills you can truly hide from sight without it becoming an expensive coat hanger.

Price and Value

Prices fluctuate but at $850 the Walking Pad R2 is not the best value for money. There are cheaper alternatives for brisk walking but none offer the space saving capability, hardware innovation, sleek design, or peace of mind this treadmill provides. Budget treadmills are more likely to encounter maintenance problems sooner and end up costing more than bargained for so many prefer to pay more for this to lessen the likelihood of headaches later down the road and have a better exercise experience along the way.


In sum, the WalkingPad R2 is an ideal choice for those who are short on space but still want to maintain their fitness routine. It’s lightweight and compact design make it perfect for apartments or homes with limited room for exercise equipment. Furthermore, its wide range of features provide a comfortable and customizable experience that can be enjoyed by anyone but particularly brisk walkers.

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