Sole F63 Treadmill Review

The Sole F63 Treadmill Should be your Go-To

  • The Sole F63 treadmill is the best available for under $1000.
  • It has a foldable design; hence, one of the best choices for compact spaces.
  • The gentle cushioning on the deck makes it perfect for protecting your joints and spine.
  • With the LED display screen, you can track your speed, calories burnt, distance, heart rate, etc.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity option allows you to connect your electronic devices and listen to your favorite songs.
  • The 20x 60 deck frame is the right size to run and jog freely without restrictions.
  • With the 325 pounds weight capacity, the treadmill is super versatile and easy to use.
  • The 3.0 horsepower motor is its specialty which operates quietly and provides smooth action.
  • It has a lifetime warranty on the motor and frame, making it the best investment.
  • It also includes a USB port through which you can charge your devices on the go.

Sole F63 Treadmill Review Summary

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The Sole F63 treadmill is one of the top treadmills available under the $1000 price range. The treadmill was established in 2009 to provide functionally and durable features to beginners and professionals. Sole has gained immense popularity amongst users due to its seamless speed options and user-compatible features. 

Its user-friendliness is one of the reasons why an increased number of users put their trust in it. With a 325 pounds weight limit, it is an ideal choice for the whole family. On the other hand, the 10-mph maximum speed and 15% maximum inclination makes it super versatile. One of the best things about the treadmill is its gentle cushion technology. It allows you to walk at an impeccable pace without losing your balance.

What we love the most about Sole F63 is that it has a 325-pound weight capacity and a comparatively noise-less motor. Also, its fan provides an excellent cooling mechanism when running at a higher speed. Overall, the treadmill is a great choice to shed weight and maintain your physique.

Amongst many appreciable things, we find its 3.0 horsepower motor to be its specialty. It provides smoothing rolling action without any skips in the belt. Not only does it provide impeccable features, but all full entertainment support. You can listen to your favorite music and keep yourself entertained with highly responsive Bluetooth connectivity.

It also has an added heart rate monitoring strap which keeps an accurate track of your heart rate. You can watch what’s best to give you maximum results through the peak-and-valley graph. The 20 x 60 deck length is ideal for walking, jogging or running freely. On the other hand, the foldable design is the best to keep it in a compact space. This treadmill will work for you whether you live in ample or compact space.

If you are a great entertainment seeker, you can keep your tablet in the holder and watch your favorite shows. It also has a selection of options to perform low-impact workouts. It has a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, ideal for your price. Let’s have a detailed look at its features.

Key specifications

Brand  Sole 
Deck length  20 x 60 inches 
Item dimension77.8 x 37.2 x 15.4 inches 
Material  Plastic aluminum
Assembly required  Yes 
Weight capacity  325 pounds 
Item weight  260 pounds 
Screen size6.5 inches 
Sole F63 treadmill review specs chart

The features we like

  • 20 x 60 deck

Many compact treadmills don’t provide enough space for users to move freely. One of the best things about the Sole F63 treadmill is its enough deck length. You can easily walk, jog, or run on the treadmill as it provides ample room. The deck is also cushioned, making movements steady and supporting your feet well.

Despite having a 20 x 60 deck length, it does not take much space. It has hydraulic pistons that help you fold the treadmill. You can tuck the treadmill in any compact corner when not using it. It is ideal for people living in compact apartments or condos. It also fits in the storage closets given in apartments.

  • Lifetime frame warranty

The treadmill is under $1000, but it still is an expensive treadmill. However, you would not mind paying the amount because it provides exceptional features. It has a great speed limit and inline and a good warranty. It has a labor warranty on parts of about a year which you can claim if any problem arises in the given period.

However, the lifetime warranty on the frame impresses us the most with its coverage. It is ideal because you don’t have to pay an extra amount to fix minor things.

  • Compatible options

Many things make a treadmill worth the purchase, and Sole has it all. The Sole treadmill aims to provide users with compatible features to reach their goals. With a ten mph maximum speed, you can walk and jog. The sweat you shed at maximum speed is liberating and makes you feel replenished. 

On the other hand, it also has a 15% inclination limit, further challenging you. Inclination creates a steep slope making you mimic climbing up a tricky path. It helps in strengthening your core and sheds more calories.

  • Heart rate monitoring strap

You may have noticed that many treadmills have a heart rate monitoring option showing your current pulse. However, it may make you wonder how accurate that is. In most treadmills without a chest strap, the heart rate shown is a rough estimation, mostly not accurate.

However, the Sole F63 monitors the heart rate correctly using the chest strap. The chest strap is ideal for checking how faster you are progressing. You can check your heart rate and how many calories you are burning accurately. It helps you keep track of your progress and work hard to reach goals.

  • Cushioned deck

Comfort is what enhances your urge to better and work out more. The Sole F63 does not only provide you with a better deck length but also soft cushioning. The cushioned deck works better to improve your stride and balance on the treadmill.

We like how the impact absorbs faster, and you can work out at a better place. Not only the deck supports low-impact exercises but also high-impact ones. The deck rolls seamlessly without any hiccups keeping you motivated. We like how improved balance makes you feel more comfortable and confident.

  • Quiet motor

Have you used treadmills that make a louder sound as you increase speed? We all have! It is the biggest turn off because you don’t want your ears falling off when that happens. The 3.0 horsepower motor is practical and runs without any hiccups.

It is perfect for keeping in compact apartments because its silent motor won’t disturb you or your peers. It has a 20-year motor warranty, perfect for people who use it daily. You can claim it very quickly by calling on the customer care line.

  • LED screen

The LED screen in the Sole T63 treadmill is as effective as any and provides you with all the possible details you need. The screen is 6.5 inches with backlit technology, which clearly shows everything. We like how the screen displays minimal yet essential information without cluttering the screen.

You don’t have to connect the Sole F63 treadmill to a WIFI because it runs flawlessly without that. The hassle of paying for a monthly subscription is not there anymore. You can keep your tablet in the holder and follow along with any workout you like to get the best results.

  • Bluetooth Speaker

Keeping yourself entertained while working out is super important. Hence, listening to productive things or music can motivate you to run or jog for longer. Here, the built-in Bluetooth feature and stereo speakers come in handy. You can connect your phone, tablet, or electronic device to the treadmill and listen to your playlist.

It allows you to have hand-free fun where no wires will disturb you along the way. You can keep your hand free and have lots of fun streaming your favorite music. You will burn many calories and be your fittest self without even realizing it.

  • On-board programs

There are great speed features and incline features, and built-in programs. You can get a lot of use out of the built-in HIIT, fat burn, cardio, and manual workouts. Whether you are in the mood to exhaust yourself or take a light stroll, you can do it all.

The HIIT workout will help get your heart rate up and down, making you burn more calories in less time. On the other hand, manual workouts make everything more fun than jogging or walking on the treadmill.

  • Built-in cooling fan

There are times when you would want to work out for longer, but the treadmill would heat up. However, the built-in cooling fan in the Sole treadmill allows people to work out for as long as they want. It keeps the deck cool and makes the motor function steadily.

The features we don’t like

  • Lack of professional service

One of the things that people struggle with the most in the Sole Treadmill is the assembly. The treadmill has heavier components that a user cannot handle by itself. The manual is not very precise or detailed, which provides little support for assembly.

  • Poor customer service

The Sole treadmill has a dedicated customer service department that helps you with guidance. However, it is hard to get a reply from them on time. The customer service department does not answer your calls very quickly, which is a lot of hassle.

Our Testing
We have performed multiple mock workout sessions to test the Sole F63 treadmill and we’re highly impressed. The Sole F63 is a great treadmill to opt for as it is under $1000 and provides excellent functionality for the ones looking for high-end gym equipment.

What’s New for 2022?

  • Faster Acceleration

Previously, the Sole Treadmill would take some time to accelerate, which sometimes frustrates a user. The manufacturers have made sure that in 2022, people don’t have to face such issues. Now the speed increases in about two seconds.

  • Better manual

The manual was comprehensive in the past, but many things were not explained well. Sole has tried to improve the assembly section, and they provide more precise details to help users assemble faster. Also, the language is a lot more simplified for better understanding.


Final Verdict

This Sole F63 treadmill review found that it is undoubtedly one of the best treadmills available for less than $1000. It has all the features that one could ask for to reach their fitness goals. One of the best things about the treadmill is the spacious and cushioned deck. Even if you don’t have enough storage space, its foldable design will come to the rescue.

On the other hand, we quite like its Bluetooth feature as it helps keep you entertained for longer; the proper tablet and water bottle storage space comes in handy when exercising for longer. On the other hand, you can also use the built-in programs to exercise better.

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