ProForm Carbon T10 Treadmill Review

ProForm carbon T10 treadmill review

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ProForm Carbon T10 Treadmill Review Summary

Looking for a mid-range treadmill that will provide you with a reliable performance during light and moderate exercises? The ProForm Carbon T10 treadmill could be a good option for you. Although the treadmill’s 2.75 CHP motor isn’t ideal for frequent high-intensity training, it accommodates most workout routines with a top speed of 12 mph and an incline of 0 to 12%. The console features a 10″ HD touchscreen, dual speakers, and built-in fans. Plus, the iFit software provides personalized workouts and virtual coaching to help you stay motivated and track your progress.

Top Pick


  • 10″ HD touchscreen display with thousands of immersive workouts & classes with iFit membership.
  • Space saving and easy to move around.
  • Sturdy steel construction with a 300 lb weight capacity.
  • Bluetooth connectivity with full stretch speakers for loud playback.
  • Looks modern and sleek.
  • Intuitive console with one-click speed and incline adjustment.


  • Cushioning can use room for improvement.
  • Slightly weak motor power.
  • Difficult to use without internet connection.
  • Folding is manual.

ProForm Carbon T10 Treadmill specifications

Item Weight205 lbs
Motor Horsepower2.75 CHP
Speed0 – 12 mph
Dimensions73″ L x 34″ W x 58″ H
Running Path20″ W x 55″ L
Maximum User Weight300 lbs
Incline0 to 12%

Performance review

Top running speed is an impressive 12 mph, more than enough for most. The problem is that this ProForm treadmill comes with a 2.75 CHP motor which doesn’t accommodate frequent high speed running without causing wear and tear. Be aware that high intensity training on the T10 could shorten the lifespan whereas alternative competitor models like the Sole F65 or Xterra TRX4500 handle those type of frequent workouts much better. But for light and moderate exercise the Carbon 10 is a reliable performer and the technology compensates for weaker motor power at its price range.

You’ll get to enjoy quiet walks and light jogs. When you reach 6 mph it’s noticeably louder but this shouldn’t be an issue for most households unless you live in an apartment with thin walls and irritable neighbors.

Incline goes from 0 to 12%, which is about standard for mid-range treadmills but the ProForm Carbon 10 achieves your desired angle quicker than a lot of others. This is especially great for mixed intervals because you don’t waste too much time waiting for settings to change for the duration of each interval. Auto incline lets you adjust safely without breaking your stride. Additionally, the front section of the deck below the console points down on an incline there’s no risk of hitting your feet against it.

The new 2023 model of the ProForm Carbon 10 doesn’t appear to have improved on their cushioning. Don’t get me wrong, there is shock absorption for lower impact that gives it an edge over most budget treadmills, but you don’t get that same soft glide you’d find on something like the Bowflex Treadmill 10.

Console review


The ProForm Carbon 10 treadmill console is one of the best designed for a mid-range model. The 10″ HD touchscreen occupies most of the console and this is because the iFit workout software is what makes it appealing to so many customers. Millennials and Gen Z will find it more intuitive and stimulating to stay motivated throughout quite a repetitive activity. It’s fair to say ProForm and NordicTrack treadmills offer some of the best screens on the market. We may be nitpicking but the thick bezel on the touchscreen feels a little outdated in 2024 when other devices such as smartphones and tablets have moved away from this style in favor of maximizing functional screen space.

Most treadmills don’t have the ability to jump between any speed or incline with one click of a button. Instead you’re forced to hold down a button until it incrementally reaches your desired setting. This is far from ideal and feels awkward while running at a faster pace. Thankfully, the ProForm Carbon T10 console features performance buttons from 0 to 12 for incline and 1 to 12 for speed so you can quickly adjust without losing form. It’s also useful for when you need to slow down but don’t want to press stop, which resets the workout. If you have poor hand-eye coordination then you may not appreciate similar buttons and incline and speed being so close to each other. In this instance you can get the same iFit software and similar performance specs with the NordicTrack EXP 10i treadmill but it splits the buttons on opposite ends of the console.

Dual speakers stretch the console to help deliver a quality audio experience. Compared to other treadmills like the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-7515 we reviewed, this is a significant boost in volume and crispness.

The built-in fans at ProForm actually work to provide some ventilation to keep cool whereas many counterparts include cheap gimmicks that are practically useless. This saves you time and fuss using external fans during warmer months when temperatures can become bothersome. Of course, in particularly hot climates you’ll still benefit from air conditioning and stronger fans.

Below the main console ProForm provides easy accessibility to the primary functions to stop and start as well as emergency stop. You can also adjust incline and speed incrementally if that’s your preference or you hit a plateau where smaller performance increases are necessary for safety. Also, you can control volume of the speakers without using your phone.

On the sides you have ample space to store water bottles, phones and other small belongings. The handrails are short and wrapped in a plastic material but this actually improves grip, which is important when you have sweaty hands.

Technology review

Proform T10 treadmill iFit workout review

The new 2023 ProForm Carbon T10 treadmill doesn’t come with a hydraulic assist like the 2021 version. The manual mechanism is a downgrade but the construction feels lightweight so nearly everyone is capable of folding and lowering the deck without difficulty. Seniors over 60 should consider other treadmills as an extra precaution.

iFit software on ProForm treadmills is leagues above the competition. It provides personalized workouts suited to your fitness levels and goals. The virtual coaching plays a crucial role in helping you make the body transformation you aspire towards. You may have the best intentions when buying a treadmill but unless you’re already used to regular cardio training and well disciplined, keeping up with exercise routines is certainly a challenge without sources of motivation like you get on iFit. It also helps you track your progress and is accessible on any of your devices with the iFit app. The Google maps feature allows you to create your own training route to explore real locations and familiarize yourself before going somewhere out in the real world. Beyond this, the app covers cooking classes and nutritional plans, which are an essential part of achieving weight loss and improving overall health.

It’s also worth mentioning that some of the negative reviews of the ProForm Carbon 10 come from people who have issues with iFit. Part of the problem is that the treadmill relies on this software for a lot of its functionality. So, for example, if your Wi-Fi connection doesn’t connect properly the interface and video classes can freeze experiencing buffering. It’s actually still a decent choice without iFit but it’s not that intuitive when it comes to using it without the software. Unless willing to bypass upon setup by holding down the iFit button for 30 seconds, anyone who isn’t technologically inclined should avoid if you have no interest in it. The treadmill screen is also exclusively for iFit so it doesn’t come with streaming capability for Netflix and others.

Durability review

The ProForm T10 manages to achieve the best of both worlds with a sturdy steel frame construction to keep it from moving and cracking, but also lightweight enough to fold and cart around on wheels. That puts it in a sweet spot between a lower performance but compact treadmill and a high performance but heavy commercial treadmill.

The treadmill operates well and, as mentioned earlier, is is a pretty reliable long-term option for light to moderate training. It’s when you push that weaker 2.75 CHP motor too hard for too long that problems arise. You might find yourself waiting for a technician to replace the motor on rare occasions. With a 300 lbs weight limit it can withstand heavy people with the help of the shock absorption system on the deck.

The treadmill belt has plenty of grip to make you more confident in your stride and doesn’t wear out easily so that’s one less important aspect that you don’t need to worry about. However, like most treadmills it’s still important to keep it lubricated every 3 months or so to avoid the belt slipping and pulley struggling.

ProForm offers a 10-Year warranty on Frame, 2-Year Parts, & 1-Year Labor. This covers you for plenty of time to get mileage out of the Carbon T10 treadmill. We would like to see a 3-year motor replacement guarantee to back up their decision to supply slightly weaker power but it’s understandable for the price and there needs to be some distinction between this and the pricier Pro 2000 at $1,799.

Size and storage review

If space is an important consideration when choosing the right treadmill then the ProForm T10 might be a good choice. While it’s not the type of treadmill that you can slide under your bed, it can folding capability that makes it compact. If you’re dealing with low ceilings, add 5″ to the 58″ height as the deck folds up higher than the peak point. Leave room for a 10″ step up height and an additional 12″ of head space between you and the ceiling.

Most people won’t need to stretch out their stride so the 20” x 55” is substantial space to enable some side and backwards movement. Tall runners over 6 feet would benefit from 60-65″ running path length but even at 6 foot 5 you can manage fine or you only intend to walk or jog.

If you are prone to moving things around the room this treadmill has attached roller wheels that ensure ease of mobility – a key selling point to avoid the headache of dissembling a typical heavy treadmill before moving.

Overall, the ProForm Carbon T10 treadmill is a solid choice for light and moderate training. It uses good quality components and is easy to use. The dashboard and technology is great for the price but ultimately the iFit software could be the make or break as both the root of most negative reviews and the very thing that makes many excited for their workouts. Order from ProForm and you have the option to pay affordable monthly instalments, free shipping, and a solid protection plan.

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