10 Most Common Treadmill Problems and Their Solutions

Treadmills are an incredible addition to home gymnasiums for fitness freaks. With this equipment, you can do a very safe cardiovascular exercise without even the slightest chance of harming yourself. But, now and then, treadmills have their issues and you need solutions to fix them.

If you happen to be someone who uses their treadmill daily, then small malfunctions aren’t a big deal. Treadmills are available in all shapes, sizes, and footprints. You will have to pick the best treadmill that goes well according to your requirements.

For an instance, if you’re thinking why does my treadmill keep stopping then there could be an issue with your belt.

Several common treadmill problems can occur and you will have to address them because there’s no other option. But what matters here is timeliness. Instead of waiting for a professional to come and fix your treadmill for you, we suggest you take a look at what kind of issues can occur in home treadmills and try to resolve all of them yourself.

10 Common Treadmill Problems and Their Solutions

  • Slipping belt

Do you feel a minor slipping sensation when using your treadmill? It may need a slight fix because your belt could’ve gotten lost due to frequent usage.

All you have to do is align, fix and repair your treadmill belt and secure it in its place. Belts often start slipping when it’s over-tightened or there is just a lot of friction. You can check if the belt is too tight by lifting it from the center. If there is a gap of 2-3inches then it’s tight but if there isn’t, the belt is likely to be too loose.

  • Erratic speed

If the speed starts varying when you’re running on the machine, then there could be a problem with your treadmill. You can start by going through the owner’s manual and see what are the recommended speed settings.

Now, adjust the settings according to the recommendation but don’t get on the treadmill yet. You should observe the treadmill belt for a few minutes and make sure it’s not hitching. This mostly happens when you require a new belt. If your machine stops abruptly then you need to replace your belt.

  • Burning smell

Never let a burning smell from your treadmill go unnoticed. It can be an indication that something is seriously wrong with your treadmill. Turn off the machine instantly and see if there isn’t a short circuit or the wires aren’t damaged.

This could be a problem caused by motor failure or various other reasons. You will have to call in a professional to help you out in case your motor has exhausted itself.

  • No display

If your treadmill’s display console is making tantrums then the solution is relatively easy. All you have to do is check the batteries and power cords. If your cords have been crimped, then you will need to replace these cords.

Also, don’t forget to replace your batteries every few weeks. Once you have new batteries integrated, your treadmill display console will start working like it used to.

  • Heated belt

Your belt may heat up after running too much. It causes friction and as a result, the treadmill belt fails to function properly.

Every treadmill requires proper lubrication between the belt and the platform to limit friction. Once the friction increases to a tipping point, your treadmill will automatically shut off and won’t work efficiently. You need to try and lubricate the belt. But if the problem persists then the belt may have completed its lifespan and now requires replacing.

  • Motor inefficiency

Wondering why the treadmill stops suddenly? You probably need to fix your treadmill’s motor because, after a certain time of usage, the treadmill motor needs replacement and repairing. However, we have to mention that this is probably the costlier part of repairing a treadmill is.

The motor will need replacement if it’s burning out, keeps malfunctioning, or works poorly. Also, if you power your treadmill at full speed then there is a great chance you will encounter troubling circuits. Also, when it comes to repairing a motor, you might have to consult a professional.

  • The elevation function won’t work

A lot of people also have the issue of elevation where they cannot lift their platform a bit. This usually occurs due to loose connections so you will have to make sure all the connections from PCB to the motor are firm and tightly entwined.

If this doesn’t work, then you will have to replace your faulty motor.

  • Treadmill display showing error code

All the error codes you see on your treadmill indicate according to your manufacturer. If there is an error code showing up, you should check your owner’s manual. It will have all the details you need and you can further fix it up according to your issue.

  • Worn out rubber grips

Most treadmills come with rubber grips on their handles. This allows the user to continue working out smoothly without having to sweat their hands.

However, after some time, these rubber grips tend to get worn out. You will have to get these rubber grips replaced because if you don’t, they’ll trouble you when working out. You can find these replacements conveniently on Amazon so no biggy and can be easily readjusted.

  • Inaccurate speed sensor

Another common problem that occurs with treadmills is the inaccurate speed sensors. Any speed sensor in a treadmill converts the revolutions per minute of the treadmill belt into miles per hour. If the speed sensor has an issue, then you will see an error message on the display.

Instead of calling a tech, you can simply check the speed sensor for yourself and see if it has been cut loose. If it is, then you can conveniently tighten it up.

Final verdict,

You are bound to run into a few mess-ups when trying to fix a treadmill. It’s very common but if you think the problem is persisting and you don’t have an idea how to fix it, then we would recommend try getting in touch with a professional so you don’t end up making things worse.

You may also have to replace the spare parts of your treadmill because if you don’t, your treadmill won’t work properly and it will lose its efficiency. However, troubleshooting the treadmill yourself will give you an idea of where the problem lies.

We hope these tricks and tips were helpful to you. if there are any other troubleshooting ways you would like to add to this list, do let us know through your feedback.

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