King Smith WalkingPad x21 Review

KingSmith WalkingPad x21 review

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The King Smith WalkingPad x21 is a great choice for those who want a compact, lightweight treadmill with unique double fold for easy storage, making it ideal for apartments and condos. It’s optimized for light exercise but the top speed goes up to 7.45 mph, which is running pace if you want to ramp up training intensity on occasion. However, it doesn’t have incline or handrails on the side for added safety and balance. Overall, it is a durable machine and a good choice for beginners, fitness casuals, elderly folks, and low ceilings, but not suitable for regular high-speed running.

Top Pick for Walking
KingSmith WalkingPad X21 Foldable Treadmill Smart Double Folding...


  • Compact treadmill with unique double fold for easy storage.
  • Efficient brushless motor for quieter runs and longer lifespan.
  • No assembly required.
  • Lightweight for apartment and condo use.
  • Simple and modern LED screen console design.


  • No incline.
  • Front rails do not fold down for sliding under bed or couch.
  • No handrails on the side for added safety and balance.

King Smith WalkingPad x21 specifications

MaterialAluminum alloy
Item Weight81.57 lbs
Motor Horsepower1 HP (brushless)
Speed Rating7.45 mph
Dimensions55.9″ L x 28″ W x 39.6″ H
Running Path18.1″ W x 47.6″ L
Maximum User Weight240 lbs
Maximum Incline0%
Step up Height4 inches

Performance review

King Smith WalkingPad x21 review performance

The WalkingPad x21 takes the King Smith series to the next level. It’s still optimised for light exercise but the top speed goes up to 7.45 mph, which is running pace. Upon testing we shocked to find that it manages higher speeds quite well considering the motor is only 1 HP. But one key difference that gives this treadmill an advantage over competitors is the brushless motor. They have a higher power-to-weight ratio than brushed motors, are more efficient at converting electrical energy into mechanical energy, and can also provide more precise control over the speed and torque of the motor.

Using a more complex energy generation system without the friction of brushes against the armature that rotates the deck belt it’s a lot quieter than we expected. So anyone using the WalkingPad x21 in an apartment can train without causing a disturbance with neighbours.

Still, it doesn’t make sense to choose it if your goal is regular high speed running. There are simply better options with 3 HP motors that offer significantly more torque to keep the RPM down and sustain intense exercise over a long period of time.

The King Smith WalkingPad x21 simulates real running with 4 layers to comfort your foot on the deck. One of those layers is a medium fiber running board and another includes EVA which is an elastic material which is thin and provides cushioning. This could also be the cause of a few negative reviews where the treadmill deck can be pushed down and spring back up and this may make a slight clacking sound for some users. However, this is unlikely to occur and doesn’t affect performance.

Overall, running on this treadmill was a smooth and pleasant experience compared to the hard, flimsy cheaper alternatives for walking. One of very few things missing is an incline so this is all flat running. This could be a functional sacrifice for its fantastic folding ability we’ll cover shortly.

Console review

Kingsmith walkingpad x21 treadmill console

The WalkingPad x21 console is the easiest to use out of the treadmills we’ve tested. The LED screen along the front rail shows all the essential tracking metrics: time, speed, distance, and calories burned. There is a start/stop dial located centrally that is also a screen so it will do countdowns from 3 seconds leading into a workout. All you need to do to adjust speed is twist the dial clockwise to increase by as little as 0.1 mph and anti-clockwise to decrease by the same amount. Just underneath is an emergency stop button that you can clip onto your clothing but this is seldom needed between 0-4 mph, the typical speed for frequent users of this treadmill.

You can also attach a device holder at the back of the rail to watch TV or listen to music on your tablet and phone. The console is absent of storage spaces for accessories so this is a useful feature to have with the treadmill.

As you can see there are no side rails on the x21, however, this is common on walking fitness equipment because there is less risk of injury exercising at low speeds. With that said, King Smith have chosen a 7.5 mph top speed at which point it may become a safety concern, particularly if you have poor balance and body coordination or experience dizziness during runs. Of course, placing your hands on the front rail is still an option but it does then obscure some of the running data.

Technology review

This is one of the few treadmills where the lack of technology works in its favor. The WalkingPad x21 was built for simplicity. It’s a go-to choice as a lean machine that gets the job done. It’s foolproof for beginners and elderly folks. If you’re a techy who loves the idea of customizing workouts, tracking advanced data, and seek bluetooth connectivity then other brands like NordicTrack, ProForm and Bowflex lead the way. Apart from a sleek, high-quality LED screen the King Smith WalkingPad x21 created the KS fit app to help you see your weekly exercise data clearly and you can sync exercise data to the Apple Health app. It’s fair to say that iFit is leagues ahead and this app wasn’t a notable selling point to us.

Durability review

The frame of the x21 is largely made from an aluminum alloy that we found to be sturdy and lightweight. The construction is solid when running without shaking and moving around on hard floors. I would recommend a mat to help prevent it from sliding on carpets because the corner points holding the treadmill in place have very concentrated surface areas for grip with two tiny wheels.

There are no brushes in the motor experiencing wear and tear that will need replacing overtime since it uses a brushless motor. So as long as you use the treadmill sensibly and maintain it properly you should see much longer lifespan than most cheaper treadmills out there. You’ll pay extra for the more efficient components but our analysis shows a lot of treadmills for walking break down within 6 months whereas the x21 is way more reliable and could save you more in the long run. Getting a technician to fix malfunctioning parts can be a lengthy and costly process so, while there are no guarantees with treadmills, this definitely provides more peace of mind.

Size and storage review

Kingsmith walkingpad x21 foldable treadmill dimensions

The 18.1″ W x 47.6″ L running area is intentionally compact for smaller spaces but anyone up to 6’5″ shouldn’t have any problems using the x21 treadmill for walking and jogging on the spot. Similarly, larger people have enough width without obstruction as there aren’t any hand rails on the side. It does have a 240 lb weight capacity which is surprisingly good for a compact treadmill this size.

The innovative folding capability is the standout feature that separates the King Smith WalkingPad x21 from the rest of the competition. It has dual fold up that stores the treadmill in a upright position, cutting the length down to just 8.86 inches! In other words, you can lean it up against the wall and keep nearly all of your floor space. If you would rather hide it you can easily fit it between furniture or put it in a closet. Even though 81.57 lbs is lightweight for a treadmill, not everyone can lift this thing. At 5′,7″ with a lean build I managed fine as long as the moving distance was within 20 metres. But if you happen to be senior or petite there are wheels to roll it around.

The height of the WalkingPad x21 is 39.6 inches. The console represents the peak which is within good reaching distance for both short and tall users. Along with a step up height of only 4 inches, this is an ideal treadmill for rooms with low ceilings. Just note that the frame height doesn’t fold down to allow for quick storage under beds. WalkingPad have another model, the C2, which comes with that functionality but you lose some of the performance specs. The low height of the x21 also enables under desk usage for walk and work.

Overall, this is our top treadmill choice for walking, light jogging, and confined spaces such as apartments. It’s easy to use and high quality with a unique double fold you won’t find elsewhere.

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