How to Stop Holding the Handrails On the Treadmill

Health and fitness is a growing industry as more people are inclined towards it nowadays. Healthy eating and exercise are two crucial aspects to focus on when embarking on a fitness journey. While diet holds 70% importance in losing and maintaining weight, exercise plays a pivotal role. Due to a busy lifestyle, people barely get time to go outdoors to exercise. A treadmill is a God-sent machine that helps keep fit and stay active. But most beginners have a habit of holding a treadmill handrail. How to stop holding the handrails on the treadmill?

This question must have popped into your mind a few times. As beginners, people are quite afraid to walk or run without support. While it’s okay to hold the handrail initially, doing this for a more extended period can have severe after-effects. If you are new to using a treadmill machine, you may start by using the handrail.

People do not have enough control initially, but managing speed can provide optimal stability. If you continue holding the handrail while using the treadmill, you can build a habit that has severe after-effects. In this article, we will discuss the disadvantages of using a treadmill’s handrail and how to break the habit of using it. Let’s begin!

Why should you quit using treadmill handrails?

If you are using a treadmill for the first time, the chances of you using the handrail are much higher. However, you can quickly build the habit of using support. It is not easy to quit using the treadmill’s handrails once you get used to it. However, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t be using them over a long period. In this section, we will discuss some of a few crucial reasons to stop using the treadmill’s handrails. Stay hooked:

1. Hard To Build Balance

When trying an exercise for the first time, it is hard to get the hang of it. A treadmill is comparatively easier to use but can be intimidating for some. Hence, people like to use the support of handrails when they are starting. People often make a mistake when using a treadmill and rely too much on the handrail’s support. After some time, you cannot use the treadmill without support. One of the reasons for it is that you cannot build balance. Relying on handrail support can make your head spin when you continue without using them. Hence, it is essential to limit its use from the very beginning.

2. Less Effective Incline Results

Fitness and weight loss are the two main reasons why people use treadmills. The incline option is highly effective in helping you lose weight faster by making you sweat more. However, incline effects hamper significantly if you use handrail’s support. Your legs’ workload of carrying weight is transferred to your upper body. Hence, you do not burn as many calories as you would without support. Many people walk or run on the treadmill with an incline setting for hours and still see no results. If you are one of those people, you know the reason now. Avoid using handrails on a treadmill and see your fitness level improve significantly.

3. Burn Fewer Calories

Do you feel happy when the treadmill indicates you have burnt a good number of calories? When walking or running on a treadmill, most of our attention stays on burning calories. After all, we all want to see our hard work paying off. If you use the treadmill with the support of the handrail, you may notice you are not burning calories that fast. Well, you might be pushing way too hard on the handrail, and most of your weight is now on your hand. When your legs are not carrying maximum weight, you burn fewer calories. If you desire to get your dream body faster, quit holding the treadmill’s handrail. We guarantee you will be able to notice results more quickly.

4. Bad Body Posture

An excellent body posture adds so much to your personality and makes you look appealing without even trying. There are a lot of activities that can easily ruin your body posture without you even realizing it. One thing that destroys your body posture is using a treadmill with a handrail’s support. Yes, we know it’s astonishing that something as simple as using support during exercise can mess up your posture. When you use the treadmill’s handrail, most of your weight shifts from your legs to your upper body. The pressure on your upper body can cause your neck to push forward and your shoulders to raise. Continuous support use can cause a permanent hunch back and lower back pain.

How to stop holding the handrails on the treadmill? [Step by step guide]

Are you wondering how to not use the handrails on the treadmill? For first-time users, the treadmill is quite intimidating, but it is not difficult to get the hang of it. If you have used a treadmill couple already and can’t seem to break the habit of using handrails, we are here for you. This section will discuss some valuable tips to help you build balance. Try these tips to run on a treadmill at high speed without support. Here you go:

1. Start Slow

You cannot be a pro at everything from day one. It takes time to build your pace; hence, do not push your limits initially. Start at a slower speed as it helps make you feel comfortable and confident. You do not need to rush into increasing the speed the first few times. When you feel ready for a higher rate, increase it slowly. Do not increase the pace too quickly, as you can lose balance. You can seriously hurt yourself if you fall off a treadmill. Keep your hand on the emergency plug when increasing speed.

2. Study The Controls

When trying something new, always read about it to gain knowledge. Treadmills are of varying types, and each one may have a few different controls. Before using a treadmill, look at the control panel and familiarize yourself with it. Before getting on the treadmill, try to turn it on and turn it off a few times without anyone’s help. Also, figure out how to use the emergency button because you need to be prepared for tricky situations all the time. If you have any issues understanding the control panel, call the staff to ask for help. If you are using a treadmill at home, read the manual carefully and use the internet if you don’t understand anything.

3. Straighten Your Posture

Your posture plays a substantial role in enhancing your personality. Many people lose their charm early on in their lives due to bad posture. Maintaining a good posture is the key to looking attractive and eye-catching. However, you can ruin your posture by not keeping the proper position when exercising. When using the treadmill, make sure you have a straight posture and not lean on one side. Ask your friend or gym partner to see if your posture is straight. You can also see yourself in the mirror to correct your posture. Start with a slower speed and increase speed when you can keep your back straight throughout. You will notice your body getting leaner faster if your posture is proper.

4. Do Not Use Incline Setting

There is no point if you use an incline setting but cannot hold balance while using it. If you notice, the incline setting is meant to make you burn more calories by making the treadmill’s surface steep. It might be harder to balance yourself on a treadmill with incline settings on. We suggest you start by not using incline settings in the beginning. When you get used to the treadmill and master the art of balance, use a low incline setting. Build your way slowly with time; consistency is the key to seeing great results.

5. Take Breaks

Many people get themselves into treadmill accidents because they overestimate their potential. If you feel like you are getting unstable on the treadmill, hold the handrail briefly. When you get optimal stability, let go of them immediately. If you feel like you will ultimately lose balance, stop instantly. You can also use the emergency button to stop the treadmill right away. Remember, you build stamina with time; hence, you do not push yourself beyond your limits.

6. Don’t Make Yourself Dependent On Handrails

Mostly, people start on the wrong note, which makes their progress slower. You do not have to wait to learn how to use the treadmill before letting go of the handrail. Do not use the handrail from the very beginning. If you make yourself dependent on it, the habit will be hard to let go of. Hence, it is better to start slower than start wrong.

[Bonus Section] Disadvantages of using the handrails on the treadmill

We are on a serious mission to help you let go of the handrails you have been hanging onto for so long. Hence, we will let you know a few more disadvantages of using them. Here are some more:

1. Body Pain

A sign of a good and effective workout is muscle soreness in all the right places. However, if the muscle soreness lasts longer than expected, you are doing something wrong. Holding the treadmill’s handrail disrupts the distribution of body weight. Your upper body has more weight than your legs. Hence, you can experience back and shoulder pain. Continuous use of handrails can also misalign the body and cause sharp pain in the body. If you experience the same type of pain, you must stop using handrails and consult a doctor.

2. Damage The Treadmill

Did you know holding the treadmill’s handrail can damage it? Holding the handrail does not only cause harm to your body; it also causes damage to the treadmill. When holding the handrail, you tend to resist moving at the treadmill’s speed. It causes a drag on the belt, causing it to move slower. Over time, the treadmill can get damaged, and the motor can get slower. A treadmill is a significant investment, and its repair can cost you a fortune. Hence, you must be very cautious when using it and avoid things that can damage it.

3. Disrupt The Natural Balance

When you keep holding the treadmill’s handrail, your center of gravity is moved forward. You tend to stumble a lot more when holding the handrail as opposed to when your hands are on your sides. Hence, you must make it a point to practice using the treadmill without holding the handrail.


Treadmills are excellent if you want to maintain a healthier lifestyle or lose weight. It is easy to get your heart rate to accelerate and sweat. However, it would help if you used the machine correctly to gain its maximum benefits.

You are most likely to use the treadmill’s handrails a few times, but try to break out of the habit faster. Not many people know the disadvantages of using a treadmill with a handrail. Hence, it is crucial to educate yourself and do the right thing so you can achieve the best results for your health, body and fitness.

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