How To Move A Treadmill By Yourself

Moving a treadmill from one house to another is a huge and daunting task. In this article, we are going to talk about how to move a treadmill by yourself.

We have to commend you for deciding on buying a treadmill. It’s a costly investment and you have spared the budget to have a treadmill in your home then you really must be a fitness freak. But now that you have to move it from one house to another or maybe even one room to another, it will seem like a difficult task.

The reason why it is important to perform this task efficiently is that even the slightest mistake can cause you a very severe injury when it comes to moving fitness equipment. Our guide will help you move the treadmill from one spot to another while streamlining the entire process.

In some cases, you can easily move the treadmill to a new spot all alone. But also, it will be helpful to have some extra set of hands so you can conveniently get the task done. However, before you begin, make sure you have created a moving plan, designated the space you’d like to place your treadmill in while trying to learn more about the equipment at hand.

If you are having trouble locating the user manual that came with the treadmill, look up the manufacturer at the back of your treadmill and try to find the owner’s manual online. It will have all the instructions you need to move the treadmill. Also, don’t forget to ask these questions,

  • Are there any wheels on the bottom of the treadmill?
  • Is it foldable?
  • How much does the treadmill weigh?
  • Does the manual have instructions on taking apart the whole thing?

Once you have the answers to these questions, moving the treadmill will be a whole lot easier.

We know this might seem obvious but a lot of people tend to neglect to unplug their treadmill when they are in a hurry.

Never move your treadmill while it’s still plugged in the socket. Unplug the wire, wrap it up with tape so it doesn’t come dangling in your way. Also, remove the security key and keep it in a plastic bag.

Roll the equipment from one place to another

If your treadmill comes with wheels on the bottom, then you will face no issues while moving it. All you have to do is roll it over for wherever you wanna take it. If you have a folding or lightweight treadmill then you can simply pick it up by opposite end of the wheels and move it yourself. But if you try this with a heavy treadmill then you should move to the section or get assistance. Here is how you can do it:

  • Get someone to help you here who can stand at the other end of the treadmill
  • One of you will have to grip the upright bars while the other person will have to grab the underneath side of the belt.
  • The person who has grabbed the belt section will easily be able to tip back the treadmill until it’s on its wheels.
  • Slowly walk the treadmill through the door, into another room or house as per your requirement.
  • Just make sure the person who is guided backward keeps safe from any unwarranted obstacles.

If there are narrow doorways or staircases in your path, then continue reading. We are further adding more information on how you can have it moved conveniently.

Disassemble or fold the treadmill

One of the best parts about treadmills is that move of them can be folded in half, either from top to bottom or bottom to top. There is also a locking mechanism that will lock the treadmill in its place so you can easily move it around.

In case, your treadmill doesn’t fold and you have narrow doors to go through, then we suggest you disassemble it according to the provided instructions on the owner’s manual.

Maybe remove door and jambs

Some treadmills are too wide to pass through doors even when they’re folded. We would suggest measuring your door’s width first to make sure it won’t get stuck once you have the treadmill disassembled. Now, if the treadmill still doesn’t go through, remove the doors and jambs as necessary.

Use a furniture dolly

Having a furniture dolly on board for moving a treadmill isn’t always necessary. If your treadmill has wheels then you’re probably not going to need a furniture dolly however, if it doesn’t then a furniture dolly will help.

However, we do recommend furniture dolly for large-scale treadmills and also if you have to move your treadmill downstairs or upstairs. One thing that you need to be sure of once you have placed the treadmill on the dolly is that its weight is distributed evenly and it’s right at the apex. If you’re finding it difficult to navigate this, detach the front console area and lift the tread belt onto the dolly. Squat down using proper lifting technique and, if needed, you can prop the treadmill up with an alternative object that’s easier to slide under it, repeat with the other end, and then wheel the dolly underneath to replace the objects.

If everything fails, hire a moving company

If nothing works and you’re still having trouble moving your treadmill, then we would suggest not to take a risk and hire a moving company. Treadmills aren’t easy to buy and you would want to make sure yours doesn’t end up damaged.

A moving company will do all the hard work for you for a reasonable cost. We highly recommend this option if you are elderly, moving the entire treadmill between floors, or do not want the risk of injuring yourself (and damaging the treadmill in the process). All you will have to do is lead the way.


We hope we were able to tell you how to move a treadmill through a door. We know the entire project seems pretty daunting and difficult but trust us, with a little bit of extra help, you will be able to move your treadmill efficiently. Just make sure you have your basics right and you won’t have any trouble.

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