How To Care And Maintain Your Treadmill

The treadmill has transformed the lives of many, from homemakers to gym freaks. A regular workout on a treadmill can help you maintain your physique. In addition, the treadmill is also the best way out for people those does not have easy access to gyms. So, the treadmill provides them an opportunity to work out at home in their comfort zones.

However, getting a treadmill to the house does not guarantee its proper functioning unless the equipment is serviced and maintained. In brief, if you want to make the treadmill resistant to regular workouts, maintenance is a must. Let us tell you how to care for and maintain your treadmill. Let’s get started without any further delay. 

Why treadmill care and maintenance are necessary? 

The treadmill is costly fitness equipment. So, if any of its parts are damaged, the cost is likely to be high. Moreover, there are also high chances that the replacement part may not be available in the market. Thus, treadmill care and maintenance are the best solutions to prevent damages with high replacement or repair costs. In addition to this, treadmill maintenance is also crucial for the person’s safety using a treadmill. On the contrary, compromising on the treadmill’s maintenance poses risks to physical health.

Moreover, the treadmill is expected to yield desired fitness results. However, overlooking the maintenance factor may affect your workout performance. Thus, taking care of the treadmill optimizes its performance and efficiency. 

Furthermore, if the equipment is not maintained regularly and routine issues are neither identified nor resolved, the machine’s belt may break down. Replacing the belt can be costly and may also require you several days to arrange a replacement. So, this will bring a days-long break to your workout sessions. Finally, regular workouts overload the treadmill working machinery, especially motor and belt. So, routine maintenance prevents them from malfunctioning. 

Seven Ways to Care for and Maintain Your Treadmill 

Keeping the treadmill at home helps you evade the hassle you could experience when going to a gym. Though a treadmill eases your life in many ways, there are certain things that you need to take care of when using a treadmill. Cleaning, lubricating, and a few are recommended techniques to keep the functioning of the machine smooth and safe. We have handpicked the following seven ways to help you maintain your treadmill. Let’s see how to take care of the treadmill.

1. Protection against dust and dirt

All types of machinery need to be protected from dust. The treadmill is no different. So, it is highly recommended to clean the treadmill daily with a clean cloth. You may also use a wet cloth to clean the treadmill as it helps remove the dirt from the treadmill’s body. Moreover, its belt, display meter, and other parts must also be cleaned. In addition to this, dirt and debris also accumulate underneath the treadmill. The accumulated dust and dirt may result in the malfunctioning of the equipment. So, the floor beneath the treadmill must be vacuumed. However, it is much better to wash the floor if you can remove the treadmill. Lastly, the treadmill should also be wiped off any sweat or water after using it. 

2. Lubrication

Lubrication improves the functioning of the moving parts in all machines. The treadmill is no exception. In addition, the friction produced in the moving parts of the treadmill also reduces the lifespan of the equipment. So, lubrication reduces friction, thereby preventing wear and tear. Wax and lubrication spray, to name a few, are sources that can be used to lubricate the treadmill. However, some experts also suggest using liquid for lubrication purposes. Lubrication is carried out in a specific way to make it worthwhile for the machine. The bolts at the back of the treadmill are turned anti-clockwise to make the belt slack. The slacked belt can be lubricated after lifting it. It is advised to lubricate the belt once a month or whenever you feel it is not functioning smoothly. 

Users are also of the view that treadmills only need to be lubricated after being used for a long time. On the contrary, experts recommend applying lubrication even on the new treadmill machines. This is because the dust might have clogged the parts of the machine when it was in the warehouse. So, if the end-user delays the lubrication process for months after buying the treadmill, its performance may deteriorate. It can also become sticky if not lubricated timely. 

3. Belt adjustment

The prolonged use of the treadmill results in the loosening of the belt. When the belt becomes loose, it stretches. So, the belt requires adjustment when you feel the decreased tension on the deck. The typical sign of this issue is that you will slip too quickly on the belt. The remedial measure is straightforward. All you have to do is tighten the screws at the back of the machine. 

In addition to belt-tightening, the position of the belt may also change after regular use. It may get displaced from the center of the deck and become inclined towards any of the corners. In that case, you have to make sure that the belt is centered. 

4. Treadmill mat

The deck and belt also experience wear and tear because of vibrations. Plus, there is no built-in technology in the treadmill that can protect it against vibrations. However, fitting a treadmill mat can help you reduce the impact of vibrations. Moreover, the treadmill mat will also reduce the noise produced during movements on the treadmill. Finally, a treadmill mat will also prevent the treadmill from catching dirt as it keeps the area under the treadmill clean.

5. Level Surface

Another crucial factor for the maintenance of the treadmill is the surface where you place it. If you put it on the slope or tilted surface, the treadmill may not work smoothly. Similarly, placing it on a rough can also damage the machine. On the other hand, installing a treadmill on a level and smooth surface will keep its parts intact. Moreover, this will also ensure the smooth functioning of the belt by keeping it aligned. 

6. Protection against voltage surge

The voltage surge damages many electronic appliances. Treadmills are also vulnerable to power outages. So, the treadmill switch should be unplugged after you finish using it. However, if you want to avoid the hassle of plugging in and out, the best way to protect your equipment is a stabilizer. Likewise, you can also use a surge-protector outlet to guard the treadmill against sudden voltage surges. 

7. Cleaning Motor

The clogged dust and dirt on the motor will affect the performance of the treadmill. So, it is essential to keep the motor clean to improve the treadmill’s functioning. Use a dry cloth to clean the dirt or remove debris from the motor. However, if you are using a wet cloth, make sure it is not soaked in the water as it can cause electrical issues. Adhering to the guidelines in the user manual can also help you clean the motor efficiently. You can also use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose. However, make sure not to damage wiring connections when blowing vacuum cleaners. Finally, it is also highly advised to consult the manufacturing brand of the treadmill to ensure the safety of the motor during cleaning. 

Tips for maintaining your treadmill 

If you want your treadmill to be your lifetime partner or at least to last for a couple of years, it should be carefully maintained. The more you care for the machine, the better are the chances for the equipment to survive longer. Though maintenance of the treadmill seems challenging, it is a do-able job. Plus, if you don’t take the maintenance activity seriously, it’s. If you want to learn more about how to maintain a treadmill, keep the following tips at hand.

  • Clean regularly after using a treadmill
  • Check for routine issues
  • Replace belt, if needed
  • Pay heed to motor maintenance indicators
  • Frequent lubrication
  • Follow user manual maintenance guidelines
  • Use standardized tools for maintenance activities
  • Seek technical assistance in case of an issue that is beyond your understanding
  • Save the equipment from moisture as it leads to rust
  • Keep treadmills safe from chemical spillovers.


The treadmill is fitness equipment that facilitates people at their homes or other indoor premises. However, you cannot take the benefits of this incredible invention unless the treadmill is well-maintained by the user. Though maintenance activity of the treadmill is a broader domain, we have tried narrowing it down to seven essential ways. Plus, if you want a brief overview of how to care and maintain your treadmill, a glimpse at the tips can also help.  

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