How Much Space Required for a Treadmill

A treadmill can be defined as a giant wheel that is used to exercise. It allows you to walk or run continuously to maintain your weight or lose it according to your needs. It is necessary to take the correct treadmill dimensions to arrange the space in your house accordingly. You can also get the treadmill for your house or gym center as it depends upon your requirements. It is a fact that the treadmill enhances your lifestyle if you use it regularly.

If you are having difficulty going to the gym, you can get such equipment at your home if you want, but they require some space. You need the space of four feet to place a treadmill in your house because besides the space for keeping the treadmill; you need some extra space in case the user falls off. So, it is necessary to place the treadmill in a room where there is some extra space around the treadmill for the safety of the user. In 2021, the sale rate of treadmills increased due to COVID-19 because people preferred exercising at their homes instead of gyms.

Treadmill Dimensions – Buy the Right Treadmill for You!

No doubt, you should buy the right treadmill for you so that it could be helpful for you to keep and use. For this purpose, you need accurate treadmill dimensions. If you buy a treadmill that can not fit in your house, it will be useless. So, you need to identify the right treadmill for you. You need to consider the following factors in this concern:

· Length

If you want to buy a treadmill just for walking purposes, you don’t need a treadmill with a very long length. A treadmill with a shorter length is fine for a walker. But if you want to buy the treadmill for running purposes, make sure it has a more extended deck. Plus, you need more space for a large-sized treadmill.

For a walker, a belt with a 50’’ length is preferred. But for a runner, the belt length should be 55’’. For the runners that are taller than six ft., the belt length of 60’’ is required. The space for the standard treadmills is 7 ft long, and 3 ft wide is recommended. If your height is 5ft 7 inches, you must buy a treadmill 58 inches in length.

· Power

It would be best if you also consider the power of the treadmill before buying one. It means you should check the continuous horsepower of the motor of the treadmill. If you do not know how to check it, you can consult a professional for this purpose to get the right treadmill for you. It would be best if you also consider the energy consumed by the treadmill. The average treadmill usage is 600 to 700 watts.

If you are a walker, a smaller CHP is recommended. And if you are a runner, you should buy a treadmill with 2.5 to 3.0 CHP. Moreover, you should also consider your weight as you will require a more powerful motor depending upon your weight. You should never compromise on the motor just to save your money because the treadmill is equipment that is needed to last for a long time.  

· Track Speed

You should check the minimum and maximum speed of the track of the treadmill. It is recommended to the trainees to get a treadmill that supports the speed of 10mph. But the people who like running may need the treadmill with top speeds. The treadmills for the home should have a speed of 12mph.

· Deck Cushion

You need to check the deck cushion, which provides maximum cushioning for absorbing the initial strike of the foot. The recommended length of the deck is 45 inches to 60 inches. The walkers should consider the deck cushion with the short length, but long surfaces are best for the runners. Moreover, the deck cushion should also depend upon your needs, usage, and desires.

What Are the General Space Guidelines for Your Treadmill?

Here are some of the general space guidelines that you should follow for setting up your treadmill in your house:

Arrange Some Space Around Your Treadmill

First, you should set your treadmill in a large room where there is enough space to keep the treadmill, along with having some extra space around it. There should be enough space to let you perform the workout without having any difficulty. The purpose of this space is to keep you safe if you fall off the treadmill.

Keep Some Space at The Front End

It is necessary to keep some extra space at the front end of the treadmill. It is because it helps avoid the risks of accidents. There are several reports that declared that the majority of the workout injuries using treadmill occurs due to the lack of space and size.

In some gyms or house gyms, people do not leave space at the front end, which is the biggest mistake that could lead to severe injuries. It is necessary to keep some distance between the wall and the treadmill so that the heat can easily be released from the treadmill.

Set 2 Ft Distance at Either Side

You should keep some extra space on both sides of the treadmill, i.e., left and right sides. It is recommended to leave the space of 2 ft on either side. If you leave some extra space around your treadmill, it will be helpful to keep you safe from any damage during the project of weight loss.

Keep The Distance of 6-8ft At the Rear End

It is recommended to keep some extra space of about 6ft to 8ft at the rear end of the treadmill set in your house gym. Moreover, you should also make sure there is no hard or solid object placed near the treadmill so that in case of falling from the treadmill, you do not get hurt or injured. The purpose of saving some extra space is just due to protect you from any kind of mishappening.

Keep The Vertical Height up to 8-9 ft

When setting up the treadmill in your house, you should consider keeping the vertical height of about 8ft to 9ft over your treadmill, i.e., from the ceiling to the floor. This spacing aims to make sure that the tall people do not get hit by the ceilings while running on the treadmill.

Treadmill Space and Dimension Guidelines- [Choose The Right Treadmill Dimensions]

First, you should decide how much space you can dedicate to the treadmill in your house. You need to determine the room where you can put the treadmill. Here are some guidelines to choose the correct treadmill dimensions:

Measure The Floor

It is necessary to measure the floor where you have decided to put the treadmill. This task should be performed before buying the treadmill. Measuring the floor will be helpful to find the right-sized treadmill. Thus, it will save you time. So, you can use a measuring tape or any measuring tool for measuring the floor space. Also, measure the extra space that is needed around the treadmill.

Consider Treadmill Dimensions

The next step is to consider the treadmill dimensions where you need to measure the belt size or other treadmill things. The standard dimension of a treadmill is about 206 cm long, 86 cm wide, and height of 140 cm. The treadmill should be long enough to provide the ease of running and walking.

Check The Belt Size

You should check the belt size of the treadmill before buying it. It is recommended to the runners to buy the treadmill with a belt of 22’’ width. And the walkers should get a treadmill having a belt of 20’’ width. Generally, the length of the belt should be 50’’ for the walkers and 55’’ for the runners, and 60’’ for those runners whose height is more than 6 ft. It means the belt size depends upon your needs and height.

Consider Treadmill Size

After considering the floor space and the belt size, you should focus on the size of the treadmill. The size of the standard treadmill is 7 ft long and 3 ft wide. There are different types of treadmills available in the market in various sizes.

You can buy any according to your needs, requirements, and desires. But do not forget the space that the treadmill will cover. If you think that you can save some space by buying a folding treadmill, it is wrong because they just look shorter but consume lots of room when in use.

Keep Some Extra Space

Do not forget to keep some extra space around the treadmill. It is helpful to protect you from any kind of injury in case of falling from the treadmill. It is recommended to keep some extra space of 24’’ on both sides of the treadmill, 6 ft behind the treadmill and 24’’ in front of the treadmill. It is also helpful to let the treadmill breathe out all the heat, i.e., it is suitable for the ventilation of the treadmill.

4 Top Rated Treadmills and their Dimension

NameDimensionSpace Required
Sole F63 Treadmill75 x 33 x 58 inches7ft of width and 12ft of length
NordicTrack Commercial 175081.25 x 39.25 x 62.75 inches7.4ft of width and 12ft of length
Sole F8082 x 36 x 16.5 inches7.6ft of width and 12.3ft of length
Proform Smart Pro 900077.3 x 35.3 x 59.6 inches7.2ft of width and 12.1 ft of length

1. Sole F63 Treadmill

Sole F63 comes with a unique style and helps save some space in the room. It requires the space of 7ft wide and 12ft long in the room. It can also be folded when needed. The dimension of this treadmill is 75 x 33 x 58 inches. It is available at an affordable price. It also consists of Bluetooth. This treadmill comes with dual water bottle holders.

2. NordicTrack Commercial 1750

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is one of the best treadmills manufactured by this company. It comes with the dimension of 81.25 x 39.25 x 62.75 inches and requires the space of 7.4ft of width and 12ft of length. It is a smart treadmill that comes with built-in workouts and live interactive programs.

3. Sole F80

Sole F80 is considered one of the best treadmills for your house that is long-lasting and durable. It comes with a very powerful motor. Its dimension is 82 x 36 x 16.5 inches, and the space required by it is 7.6ft in width and 12.3ft in length.

4. Proform Smart Pro 9000

Proform Smart Pro 9000 is a smart treadmill incorporated with smart and advanced technology. It consists of a high-definition touchscreen where you can monitor your fitness progress. The space required by this treadmill is 7.2ft in width and 12.1 ft in length, and its dimension is 77.3 x 35.3 x 59.6 inches.



There are many people buying treadmills so that they can take care of their fitness at home. If you are interested in purchasing a treadmill, make sure you have a room where you can put it. You should measure the floor space accurately as well as treadmill dimensions to get the right treadmill for you that could fit in your house easily. Make sure there is some extra space around the treadmill so that you can be protected from any kind of injury.

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