How Long Does It Take to Walk 5 Miles on A Treadmill

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Everyone wants things done with the flick of a wrist and with the minimum effort put into it. People want to keep themselves fit without being regularly obliged to go to the gym and work out on fancy machines, and if you’re a working person, your demands are valid. Nothing is hard to accomplish if you’re willing to give it your best, and if you give your best, the goal can be achieved in much less time than prescribed.

People have different notions about walking on a treadmill. They say it’s a waste of time and effort, and it doesn’t show any outcomes other than to exhaust you. Some believe that it’s a valuable invention.

I am of mixed views that if you use it in its right meaning, it’s the best thing you could wish to own. If you have an easily accessible treadmill, it might turn out to be your most precious possession with the secrets to a healthy life with a treadmill, which we’re going to share with you further in this article.

I’ve done my research and have come up with a perfect routine of running on a treadmill with which you can manage the hustle-bustle along with fitness. You can know the tactics about how long does it take to walk 5 miles on a treadmill, and if I say it takes less than an hour, It must sound impossible, but at the end of this article, you’ll be amazed at how easy this is to execute.

How Long Does It Take to Walk 5 Miles on A Treadmill?

It’s not much of a hectic task if you follow the steps described below:

Incline setup:

You need to carefully determine and set the incline of your treadmill because it is a major factor to tone up the calves, which is the best way to make your legs strong enough to handle the 5-mile walk on the treadmill. The suggested value for the incline is 1.0 for beginners, but if you want to go for more, you can set it to 1.5 or 2.0.

The benefit of setting up this incline is that this aids in outdoor running which will help your legs prepare for all the highs and lows of the uneven land of your neighborhood. It will also increase your heart rate without increasing the speed. If you’re running slow, set up the incline a little high to tone up your calves.

Speed it up:

Increasing the speed is a plus point in the efficient training of your legs to run at a precisely defined speed. The pace you keep up on a treadmill can seem to look exhausting, but if you try the same pace outside, you’d feel like you’re in the air.

It would help if you weren’t hesitant to give yourself challenges. Otherwise, you may never explore your boundaries. You can provide yourself with short tasks that can include running at a greater pace than seems difficult. You won’t ever be able to know how difficult a task is if you’ve never tried. In this aspect, you can command yourself to sprint for some defined outline of time.

Watch something you’re fond of:

While you’re at it, you can always indulge yourself in the activities you love, maybe watch TV or vibe to your favorite song. For me, it has always been music. Music can make you turn your most despised work into the work you’d not hesitate to do every day and enjoy it. You can turn on your favorite playlist on shuffle and enjoyably run on the treadmill. Believe me, and time will fly. It will genuinely make you complete your task easier and more fun, and you won’t look at the clock every ten minutes waiting for time to pass.

Outdoor run:

No one can deny the significance of running outside in the arms of nature with the wind across your hair as you breathe fresh air. It can make you consistent with nature’s colors, rain, humidity, cold, or heat. Another advantage of running outside than on the treadmill is that the pavement is hard on your knees, and it’ll make them hurt after 3 or 4 miles which is unusual if you’re on a treadmill, so you need to train your knees to handle the pressure.

How to achieve the goal of 10,000 steps (around 5 miles) on a treadmill? [How to reach at 10,000 steps]

If I tell you that the average number of steps a person is suggested to walk is 10,000 steps most days in a week, you’d be concerned about my mental health. I admit it’s easier said than done, but it’s something you can achieve if you’re determined to and having heard the benefits, you’ll want to start right now and have heard that it can help you achieve fitness, heart health, and weight control, you’d be swept off your feet at this plan I’m going to share.

Time required:

It takes about 17 minutes for a person to walk a mile, making it 85 minutes to walk 5 miles. The faster you’ll walk, the faster you’ll achieve your goal of walking a mile. If a person walks at the pace of 4 mph, they can walk 5 miles in 15 minutes. But the question is how to walk 5 miles on a treadmill in 50 minutes which means, you’ll have to increase your pace by more than 4 mph to lessen the time.

Well, some websites may mislead you by equating the 10,000 steps to 30 minutes, but that would make you walk 10 mph, and that’s just ridiculous!

Goal analysis:

If you can sustain the pace of 4 mph to walk 3,500 or 4,000 steps in 30 minutes or 150 minutes, it’ll aid you greatly in accomplishing 10,000 steps. But if you have a sedentary lifestyle right now, you cannot force yourself to go on a walk of 10,000 steps tomorrow, you need to have 500 steps and a break then resume walking more than 500 miles to make it a hundred. This way it’ll train your body to handle the hectic 10,000 steps.  

Lifestyle analysis:

You must label yourself as a person with a sedentary lifestyle if you have 2,500 or 3,000 steps every day. Being busy does not essentially make you active. You cannot count it as a proper running exercise if you’re running about in your usual work or matters.  It is advised to wear a pedometer to track your steps and discover your proper range of simple steps.

Calorie analysis:

You must keep track of your calories in and calories out. Watching the pedometer count values go up can motivate you immensely, and it can drive energy to you to excel and achieve your goal to walk 10,000 steps per day.

How to walk 5 miles on a treadmill efficiently?

The following suggestions may help you in your journey:

  1. Set reminders.
  2. Include your friends, family, or colleagues in this activity.
  3. Keep your eyes on the goal.
  4. Use pedometer

Walking 5 miles 5 days a week [Weight loss tips and tricks]

Having an idea about how much your hard work will pay off can induce energy into you to do the work with your full effort. Similarly, knowing how many calories you’re going to burn will drive you to complete your task daily.

Burning 3,500 calories means you lose one pound, and you can easily burn 444 calories depending on your pace of walking. At this rate, you can lose one pound per week.

Although walking five miles takes a long time, the calories burned to make it worthwhile. The faster you walk, and the more you weigh, the more calories you burn. According to Harvard Health Publishing, a 125-pound person would burn around 240 calories per hour, whereas a 185-pound person would burn 356 calories per hour if they walked at three and a half miles per hour. You can run five miles in around one hour and 26 minutes at this pace.

While it may be tempting to walk as rapidly as possible to accomplish your five miles and reap the benefits of increased calorie burn, you should ease into your fitness routine. This keeps you safe from injury and overworked muscles, which can sabotage your progress.

Weight loss tip

You must burn or consume 3,500 calories less than your body requires to shed one pound of body weight. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends losing one to two pounds each week for healthy weight loss. Walking five miles daily can help you lose up to one pound per week, depending on your body weight and walking speed.

If you want to reduce weight but don’t have the time to walk five miles every day, you can still reach your goals. In addition to walking five kilometers a day a couple of times a week, make dietary changes to consume fewer calories and sustain your weekly weight loss of one to two pounds.


“Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.”

It’s merely a quotation buy if it’s put into action and executed, it can do wonders and leave people speechless. Just the way the title of this article probably had taken you aback, “how to wall 5 miles on a treadmill” you must’ve thought that what sort of nonsense would’ve been written in this article, but now that you’ve already read it, we think the idea of walking 5 miles is more vivid and not so complex.

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