Different Types of Treadmills Explained

In this article, we are going to feature the four most common types of treadmills that you can find in the market. We have taken the liberty to dig into massive details and bring you the ultimate guide for choosing the most appropriate treadmill for yourself.

What you probably don’t know is that treadmill didn’t start out as the featured-oriented equipment that you see today. The first treadmill or popular known as treadwheel was used by the Romans as a crane for weight lifting during the late first century. And since then, there have been massive evolutions when it comes to a treadmill and we are going to enlighten you.

Different Types of Treadmills

According to our research, there are four most common types of treadmills available,

  • Manual treadmills
  • Electronic treadmills
  • Hybrid treadmills
  • Medical treadmills

Let’s talk about all these treadmills in thorough detail so you can have all the information you need to make an appropriate choice.

Manual Treadmill

First things first, a manual treadmill was the very first equipment that we most commonly saw in numerous households when people became fitness enthusiasts.

The main difference between a manual treadmill and an electronic treadmill is the very fact that manual treadmills don’t require a motor to run the belt. It is the user that causes the belt to move when he starts running or walking on the platform.

The biggest advantage of using a manual treadmill is that there is no chance of you hurting yourself because the belt doesn’t start moving until you start walking yourself. Though it does require an extra amount of exertion and there is no speed calibration but won’t that be great? You will not have to meet a specific resistance criterion. You can do as you please and follow the pace you feel most comfortable in.

Manual treadmills can have various features and they also come at very reasonable price points. However, these treadmills aren’t the type to measure your heartbeat, distance, speed, or other types of such activities. There are more expensive options which offer a curved belt. This is miles better because it helps to absorb the impact on your joints as well as making it easier to propel the belt forward and achieve a natural stride when running.

Most manual treadmills don’t really come with LCD attachments but they do have an incline position so you can intensify your workout. The purpose of a manual treadmill is to give you the liberty to opt for any workout technique regardless of your fitness level.

If you happen to be a beginner who has never stepped onto a treadmill before then you should totally go for a manual treadmill.

Electronic Treadmills

Moving on, next up we have electronic treadmills. These are the next stage of treadmills that came with a motor and don’t require human exertion to run the belt. Not to mention, the biggest difference between manual treadmills and electronic ones is that they are far sturdier and designed to give a very accommodating space.

Their designs aren’t portable like the manual treadmills and they need a designated space in your house so they won’t be moved.

Electronic treadmills are mainly designed for commercial use. People who work out at gyms and health clubs demand a far more heavy-duty, dependable, and sturdily designed treadmill they can rely on.

There are also dozens of features and styles that come in electronic treadmills. There are LCD panels, inclines, electronic speed sensors, high-quality manufacturing, touchscreen display, easy cooling mechanism, and whatnot. When it comes to features, electronic treadmills have everything you can possibly look for.

We also love the fact electronic treadmills can be customized to your specific needs. You can adjust the speed settings and incline according to your fitness level. These treadmills do come at higher price points but they are absolutely worth the money.

Hybrid Treadmills

If you happen to be someone who is a beginner and has no prior experience of using a treadmill but you also have someone at your home who is an expert in fitness training, then a hybrid treadmill is exactly what you need.

When you combine the features of manual and electronic treadmills together that is when you get a hybrid treadmill. They are a great choice for home and commercial use. For anyone who only has the budget to buy one treadmill but has to address the requirements for a number of users, a hybrid treadmill is a way to go.

It is recommended for beginners just as it is recommended for experts. You get all the features you need on a single platform without having too much invested too much on it. You can conveniently find hybrid treadmills in a number of designs and styles. The large pedals and handrails offer you commendable support once you start working out.

Medical Treadmills

The largest treadmills that you will find in the market are medical treadmills. These treadmills are designed to be operated digitally and have to be accurate at all times.

The companies who build medical treadmills have to be really precise with their manufacturing technology because they will be used by patients of all sorts. Some of these treadmills are also manufactured to work with a certain type of medical equipment that doctors need results from.

Not to mention, to reduce wear and tear, medical treadmills are designed while keeping fewer moving parts in perspective. Since they are extremely large in size, you cannot hope to move them from place to place very often.

Medical treadmills are highly functional. Physiotherapy clinics use anti-gravity treadmills for rehabilitation when patients with injuries need help walking again. They focus on low impact training that minimises pain and regains movement with less effort. When the treadmill starts moving, a bag surrounding you inflates to fill the space around your lower body with air to make you feel lighter. Their build quality is phenomenal and they also cost upwards of $75,000.


So, these are the different types of treadmills you’re most commonly going to find. We hope we have given you all the information you needed in this regard..

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