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Bodycraft Spacewalker review

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The BodyCraft SpaceWalker treadmill is a unique and versatile exercise equipment designed for those who value space efficiency and multi-functionality. Its steel frame construction ensures durability and stability, capable of handling up to 300 lbs weight. The treadmill’s standout feature is its innovative design, with a curved C-shaped frame that can be used as a desk, table, or seat. This makes it ideal for individuals who want to combine work and exercise seamlessly. The desk treadmill’s limited speed of 4 mph reduces the risk of accidents and makes it suitable for power walking and calorie burning. With low noise levels and a compact size, it is well-suited for home or office use. While the SpaceWalker may be pricier compared to some alternatives, its reliability, build quality, and comprehensive warranty make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a space-saving solution.

Best Choice for Standing Desk
Bodycraft Spacewalker - Black/White


  • Ultra compact space saver design.
  • Multi-functional as bench, table and standing desk.
  • High quality steel construction.
  • Max weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Auto lift (up) folding capability.
  • Quiet operation for shared spaces.
  • Generous long-lasting warranty.
  • Low step up height.


  • Device holder is flat for laptop only.
  • No workout programs.
  • Expensive for a walking treadmill.

Key features: Foldable, desk, pulse sensor handrails, seat design, red LED display.

BodyCraft SpaceWalker specifications

Item Weight82 lbs
Motor HorsepowerUndisclosed
Speed Rating0.5 – 4 mph
Dimensions48″ L x 22″ W x 45″ H
Running Path15″ W x 39″ L
Maximum User Weight300 lbs (136kg)
Step up Height3.25 inches

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Design and Build Quality

The BodyCraft Spacewalker is a durable construction made with a steel frame. It was built with multi-functional purpose to be used as a desk treadmill that can turn into a table or seat. In my experience, it felt very sturdy and perfectly capable of handling up to 300 lbs weight. The design is unseen on any other treadmill. Rather than having two rails to prop up a console, the frame standing upright is curved into a C shape that mimics a bench. And there’s a space indented in the middle for seating so you flip the treadmill onto its side and use it for weight curls or accommodating guests when the couch is full.

Given the unique design, we tested to see if the standing desk would shake when exercising on the treadmill and my Macbook managed to stay in place. This is one of the SpaceWalker’s best qualities because walking and working at the same time is quite difficult and steady hands are necessary to type or click with accuracy.

Woman working on Bodycraft spacewalker treadmill

Motor Power and Performance

BodyCraft don’t disclose the motor power on the SpaceWalker treadmill but we tried it and it provides a smooth experience. Granted, the max speed is only 4 mph and there is no incline or decline so it doesn’t require much torque to operate efficiently. The limited speed is more beneficial as a desk treadmill for walking because it reduces the risk of unintended injury from speeding up. No one wants to suddenly face plant into their computer camera during an online meeting. And you can still get a good workout power walking and burn calories for weight loss if that is one of your fitness goals. However, if you want a walking machine with a better speed range then the King Smith WalkingPad x21 goes up to an impressive 7.45 mph.

Noise Level

The noise levels are extremely low and won’t distract you from work as you exercise. This also makes it a good alternative to the WalkingPad R2 if you are situated in an office and don’t want to annoy your colleagues. It also indicates that the motor quality is solid and won’t struggle, which can lead to overheating.

Running Surface

The deck is firm but not uncomfortable. There is a 4-layer belt to soak a bit of impact but there’s much less anyway during light exercise because stride length is much shorter thus keeping your feet close to the deck. It works well for stablization whereas treadmills with padded cushioning and shock absorption often have springboards that prevent your body from staying in a level position.

The running surface is 15″ W x 39″ L so it’s short and thin. This is part of the compact design to ensure the bench function remains a good height of 45″ for sitting and doesn’t waste space that would only be used by runners. I stayed in one spot throughout my workouts so and found it easy to maintain balance to avoid side stepping off the treadmill. There are very thin side rails on the deck but they aren’t practical nor necessary as it’s easy to step off the entire thing.

The 3.25″ step up height is almost unbeatable in the world of treadmills. Low deck height like this is ideal for rooms with low ceilings such as basements. Also, there is an adjustable floor leveller so you don’t have to worry about uneven surfaces making workouts unstable.

Console and Controls

Bodycraft spacewalker treadmill console

As a standing desk treadmill the BodyCraft SpaceWalker console isn’t intended to be all singing all dancing. So it’s no surprise to see a clean, simple panel interface.

Of course, you have a button for start, stop and pause. After 3 minutes of inactivity it will enable sleep mode so you can jump off at any point to attend something without needing to rush back or waste electricity. A safety key is attached to the front to stop you in the event that you fall but I like this feature to prevent unauthorized use, for example, if you have kids. Alternatively, you might share a house and don’t want others wearing it down and reducing the lifespan.

The speed controls on the right side can be adjusted in 0.1 mph increments up to 4 mph. There is also a ‘mode’ button to view your metrics: time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse. The handlebars have pulse sensors to monitor your heart rate. This is a nice addition you rarely get on a walking treadmill. During low intensity training you can become complacent and your heart BPM can return to normal levels so this feature can help you maintain a higher rate so you are maximizing cardiovascular health benefits and losing calories. I found myself going at a constant pace most workouts and increasing the speed the very next workout after I’m walking at less than half my recommended maximum rate (185 bpm).

Most of the top space is empty to leave ample room for your laptop. Two grips along the surface hold it in place. But the flat surface doesn’t serve as an adequate holder for phones and tablets that I prefer at an angle for better visibility. You also get a cup holder which is a few inches deep to store big water bottles.

Size and Storage

Product dimensions for the SpaceWalker are 48″ L x 22″ W x 45″ H but when folded the length is just 11″, shorter than most competitors even when folded upright.

The folding capability is easy to use for when you aren’t using it for exercise. Simply press a button and the deck folds up. You have to lift it back down manually but this only requires pressing a the lift release button and slowly descending it with your hands. This is a lightweight treadmill at only 82 pounds so all size people can do this without extra help.

The SpaceWalker treadmill scores particularly high for portability. There are two high quality machined steel wheels beneath the deck to wheel the fitness machine around. They don’t move from side to side so it’s not fully versatile for the especially crowded rooms but you shouldn’t have much trouble. It can be moved easily between rooms and different floor levels so is great for apartments and condos.

When stood upright you can still use it as a standing desk. When placed on the side it not only makes a bench but also serves as a nice coffee table in front of the couch. The design is sleek enough to appeal to any contemporary room but it’s sufficiently disguised as any other furniture with a fur throw or cover over it.

Ease of Assembly

Treadmills are notoriously time exhaustive to setup. However, the BodyCraft spaceWalker treadmill is pre-assembled and was a quick, hassle-free experience. Just plug it into a power socket and turn it on. This also makes it a lot easier to return if you decide to return it later without losing or damaging components.

Durability and Maintenance

Other than some lubrication before you start using this treadmill, very little is required to maintain it. It’s proved to be reliable and hasn’t caused me any issues. BodyCraft definitely help provide peace of mind and stand by their belief of the SpaceWalker’s durability as the warranty is long-standing. They cover you for lifetime frame, 3-years parts, and 90 days labor. This is leagues above the budget options you find in the $600 range.

Price and Value

That reliability, build quality and good coverage comes at a price. This is an expensive treadmill given the specs. Hovering at the $1000 range it’s starting to go head to head with some tough competition that offer far superior performance for moderate training. If your main goal is to lose weight as fast as possible then things like motor power, runway space, workout programs, and incline become all the more vital. However, if space is an issue, this is the smartest way to double up equipment as a space saver and can save you hundreds on additional benches or furniture.

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