Best Treadmill Fans (+ treadmills with fans)

While working out on the treadmill you should always be mindful of your health and performance. Using fans for treadmill exercise can not only help you combat the discomfort of running, but also the dangers posed by warm environments and intense workouts. Without adequate cooling you may encounter these problems:

  • Excessive heat and moisture can put a strain on endurance and output during exercise.
  • Dehydration and loss of water from the body reducing the efficiency of workouts.
  • Over-hydration to combat thirst can flush out electrolytes and minerals. Too much water consumption can cause sodium levels to drop and swell up body cells, which in rare cases is fatal in the brain. This may also lead to cramps and hinder muscle recovery.

Most fans are multi-purpose rather than designed specifically for treadmills. But they should come with certain qualities that are optimal for running. The most important criteria to determine the best treadmill fans included power and air circulation control, quietness, grip/sturdiness, and accessibility. We’ve selected some of the best choices for different preferences and budgets so there’s something for everyone. However, for most convenience, you might want to consider a treadmill with built-in fans. So, if you’re in the market for an upgrade then stick around until the end for our top recommendations.

best treadmill fans – Our top picks

AMACOOL Clip On Rotatable USB Fan

AMACOOL 10000mAh 7 inch Battery Operated Clip on Fan Rotatable USB Fan...

Key Features:

  • Fits on most treadmills with ease
  • Long battery life up to 50 hours
  • Plug into treadmill USB port for unlimited power
  • Large 7″ fan for a strong breeze
  • 360 degree angled with tripod for targeted airflow
  • 3 speeds to control power of air circulation

AMACOOL’s 10000mAh 7 inch Battery Operated Clip on Fan Rotatable USB Fan gives runners the best experience for a reasonable price. This treadmill fan can be used for a range of different activities as it is portable and long lasting. The fan is both battery and USB powered so if your electric treadmill has a port you shouldn’t need to keep recharging it.

The tripod design makes the fan incredibly easy to fit to any part of a treadmill so you can adjust the direction of airflow to your preference. The 360 degree turning ability adds even more flexibility for the perfect angle. This treadmill fan provides the best balance of power to noise. You need the cool air to go the distance without any unnecessary distractions, especially if you’re looking to watch TV on the treadmill speaker. You can choose between 3 speeds if you don’t want it to be too intrusive while working out.

For extra power and better distribution of airflow, buy two smaller 5″ treadmill fans and attach to each side of the front corners facing slightly inwards.

The timer is useful if you’re training for long distance runs as it can be set to 1, 2 or 4 hours before auto switching off.

The settings buttons are located on the back of the fan, which makes it difficult to adjust without pausing your run. But otherwise, this fan is an ideal to get a moderate breeze to help prevent overheating.


  • Easy fit
  • Powerful yet quiet
  • Long lasting battery and USB option
  • Portable for any purpose


  • No remote control to adjust settings
  • Linear airflow in one direction

PELONIS 42’’ Oscillating Tower Fan

PELONIS 42’’ Oscillating Tower Fan with Aromatherapy Diffuser,...

Key Features:

  • Super quiet for a large 42″ fan
  • Powerful and comfortable breeze
  • Wide angle oscillation for better air circulation
  • Remote control to change settings while running
  • Simulates wind/air outside by changing the speed
  • Superior airflow for cooling body and room temperature
  • Automatically adjusts fan speed according to room temperature

Summers are warming up and hitting record high temperatures. Whether you live in a climate with hot months or simply want to feel a superior breeze closer to air conditioning, this fan is well worth the investment. It can cool you down anywhere in a reasonably sized room and still feel comfortable by the treadmill.

‘Natural mode’ makes this fan the perfect accompaniment for treadmill runners because it can simulate wind from outside. You’ll appreciate this nice touch of variety in your workout to break up the mundaneness of exercising in one spot.

The Pelonis 42 inch oscillating tower fan has the necessary power to cover you for the most intense training but it is amazingly quiet so you can watch TV or listen to music even in high speeds. Despite requiring a nearby plug socket to supply its electricity, it remains efficient to operate.

While pausing or slowing down your run to change speed settings on a fan is tempting to catch a breath, fewer breaks will improve your fitness and ability to cover higher mileage. So having a remote is essential for maintaining your pace ensuring a better workout.


  • Optimal breeze for cooling and a comfort
  • Automatic settings to regulate temperature
  • Natural mode to simulate outside wind
  • Remote control to adjust settings while running
  • Preferred for warmer environments


  • Requires a plug socket
  • Hard to place directly in front of a treadmill

Best treadmills with fans

NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill (2022)

NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill + 30-Day iFit Membership,...

Key Features:

  • Dual AutoBreeze fans automatically adjust with workout intensity
  • The NordicTrack treadmill boasts a 22-inch impressive tilt and pivot HD touchscreen
  • The Automatic IFIT Trainer Control automatically adjusts your speed up to 12 MPH
  • The treadmill includes an incline control ranging from -3% to 15%
  • 30 day iFit family membership included for popular live and on-demand workouts.


  • Some of the best fans in a treadmill
  • 300 pounds weight bearing capacity which is best for big and tall people
  • It takes less space for storage due to space saver folding design
  • A decent amount of IFIT features
  • Large touchscreen display, with smooth functions
  • Excellent one-touch incline control ranges between -3 to 15%
  • Very solid build quality comes with the latest technological advancements in treadmills


  • It is heavier as compared to other models
  • Fans are in fixed position below the control panel
  • Tower fans are more powerful

XTERRA Fitness TR300 Folding Treadmill

XTERRA Fitness TR300 Folding Treadmill

Key Features

  • Central built-in fan and button for simplicity
  • 24 pre-set programs to add variety to your workouts
  • Safe Drop folding deck technology for a low profile
  • Wide tread and long belt for tall and heavy people
  • XTRASoft cushioned deck technology to absorb impact and help your knees and joints


  • Great value for a treadmill with fan
  • Fan is easy to use and comfortable
  • Suitable for people of all shapes and sizes
  • Lots of workouts to find one the perfect routine


  • Fan is weaker than other best alternatives
  • Easier to put together with two people
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