AssaultRunner Elite Review

AssaultRunner Elite review

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The AssaultRunner Elite treadmill by Assault Fitness is an exceptional manual treadmill that is perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. The treadmill is made of solid steel and weighs 289.2 lbs. It has no max speed, allowing users to push themselves to their limit safely. It caters to any size with a generous running path and maximum user weight is 400 lbs. The console is easy to use and offers a range of options, including three workout programs and metrics. The UV-resistant console connects to the Assault Fitness App via Bluetooth. The durability and extra features give more peace of mind vs the AssaultRunner Pro but the price is hard to justify for those on a budget.

Top Pick


  • Heavier high grade belt for better momentum than most treadmills.
  • Long-lasting with lifetime warranty on belt.
  • No electricity usage reduces upkeep and carbon footprint.
  • Can be moved anywhere without plug socket nearby (e.g. outside).
  • Great for any size with 400 lb capacity


  • Expensive (if not financed on the Assault Fitness website).
  • Some parts on the outer frame are made from plastic.
  • The belt takes longer to stop than other manual treadmills.

AssaultRunner Elite specifications

MaterialSolid Steel
Item Weight289.2 lbs
Motor HorsepowerManual
Speed RatingYour max speed
Dimensions69.9″ L x 31.7″ W x 64.4″ H
Running Path17″ W x 65″ L
Maximum User Weight400 lbs
Maximum Incline0%
Step up Height12.5 inches

Performance review

Assault Fitness is a popular brand for Cross Fit and used by many active fitness junkies for training. The AssaultRunner Elite treadmill is among their best equipment for getting the best performance out of your workout.

For starters, this manual treadmill has no max speed so you are limitless to push yourself to the edge of what’s possible. Even beginners with long-term fitness goals may find peace of mind knowing that as they get faster there is no danger of outgrowing the AssaultRunner and needing to replace it with something better.

The tread belt is noticeably more weighty than other manual treadmills. On the one hand, this made low intensity exercise like walking a bit more demanding as it feels like their is extra resistance. It also takes longer for the belt to slow down when you want to stop at higher speeds. On the flip side, when you achieve running pace, the extra weight works in your favor to keep the momentum going and that’s where this treadmill outshines competitors. Whatever intensity you choose, our testing found that you burn more calories and have a higher heart rate during exercise when using the AssaultRunner Elite, which makes it one of the best manual treadmills for weight loss and cardiovascular health.

Being a curved non motorized treadmill, we didn’t expect there to be incline and, of course, there wasn’t. Instead, it comes with self-levelling legs beneath the deck to ensure you can workout on a flat surface in any terrain. We would recommend choosing an electric treadmill to get the most out of incline because it’s far more convenient and many adjust automatically with speed for interval training. However, because of the sturdiness and 400 lb weight capacity of the AssaultRunner, it’s more optimal as a multipurpose machine that can be used with weights for exercises such as weighted walking lunges, which is ideal when you don’t have much room space to move around.

It’s an incredibly versatile treadmill that moves at your desired speed. This is a lot safer because you don’t have to keep up with a pre-set pace you may not be able to sustain. The curvature encourages a more natural running stride, which can help improve your form and reduce your risk of injury. Although, it doesn’t quite feel like road running. The thickness of the belt absorbs some of the impact, and while this makes it more comfortable, you’d still need to mix it up with plenty of outdoors running if training for a marathon.

Console review

Assault Fitness Elite Runner console

The AssaultRunner Elite console is identical to the Pro and takes influence from their exercise bikes. It’s easy to use and comes with a surprising amount of options for a manual treadmill. Down the left side you can track the following metrics on a panel: time, distance, calories burned, and heart rate display.

On the right side it gets more interesting. You have rest/work indicators that light up when necessary to help you workout at optimal level. Below that are 3 workout programs:

  • Interval training – Run at varying speed throughout your workout using different levels of resistance.
  • Target training – Create a goal you want to reach e.g. burning calories or running for a certain amount of time.
  • Heart rate training – Helps to make sure your heart is working at a higher BPM to ensure improved cardiovascular health.

There’s a start and stop button to initiate workouts but it’s self propelled so these have limited functional use for running. Besides the console you get two holders for water bottles and accessories.

Technology review

The UV Resistant Console Connects to Assault Fitness App, which can be Bluetooth┬« enabled to sync up smart devices. These can be propped up on the console if you’re fine with obscuring the LCD display. This gives you access to your fitness data wherever you go and is handy for planning incremental improvements.

The AssaultRunner Elite isn’t software-orientated. Instead we see the innovation applied to hardware such as the self levelling legs, shock absorption belt, and adjustable magnetic resistance.

Durability review

The best part of the AssaultRunner Elite is the sturdy solid steel construction. This is a treadmill made to last. The frame and internal components are high quality and it isn’t shaky but it can be noted that the plastic covers on the handrails may dislodge and move slightly when you grab them. The way the metal frame rails are diagonally angled distinguishes it from the AssaultRunner Pro because, while it looks much cooler, it also plays a functional role in stabilizing the treadmill during exercise.

The belt is high grade and said to last up to 150,000 miles, which is more than most will get through in several years. But as this is a treadmill common in commercial gyms and used by some athletes, there is a lifetime warranty so you’ll never have to worry about constant replacement costs. And actually, this is true of the treadmill as a whole. It has maintenance-free ball bearings and doesn’t require electricity to operate, making motor issues redundant with the bonus of being a more environmentally friendly option. Many modern treadmills are useless without Wi-Fi or during power outages so it’s a top choice for rural areas and gives you peace of mind know that you can step onto it and go in any scenario.

It comes with a rust-resistant top coat so most conditions aren’t going to erode it and cause structural issues that affect performance in the long run. A lot of treadmills are kept in rooms that can get damp like garages so if this is your location of choice then the Elite Runner should be a consideration.

Assault Fitness cover you with a lifetime warranty for the belt, 10-year frame, 3-year non-wear parts, 1-year labor. It’s still an expensive choice compared to many better value treadmills but due to good customer service, low maintenance costs, and impressive lifespan, it may not be as pricey as you think if you want it as a long-term investment.

Size and storage review

This is a heavy treadmill weighing 289 lbs. Someone under 5′,7″ or who doesn’t lift weights may struggle to move it around on their own. With that said, I managed at 5′,7″ with the help of the transport wheels and handle bar at the back of the deck to lift it. This would be difficult on high friction floors like carpets or rough rocky terrains so we recommend storing it in a room with wooden or concrete floor if you plan on moving it around. The of the benefits of a large treadmill like this is its ability to withstand up to 400 lbs as mentioned earlier. That is one of the most capable on the market and a great option in households with multiple users.

The running surface provides plenty of space for tall and heavy people with a 17″ W x 65″ L deck and side rails for immediate stops if needed. When testing we found the curvature naturally keeps you in a single spot so long strides are less likely to be a problem as they might when you fall behind on a standard treadmill.

The 64.5″ height and high deck is impractical for rooms with low ceilings. Some of the best treadmills for low ceilings are more compact and lightweight. The AssaultRunner Elite isn’t a foldable treadmill so you will need to store in one place where there is ample room. It is much safer to prevent injuries falling off so less empty surrounding space is needed than the typical 6 foot.

AssaultRunner Pro vs AssaultRunner Elite

There isn’t too much to compare between the two versions of this treadmill if value for money is your main concern. But the differences can be appreciated by anyone with a bigger budget. Differences you’ll find on the AssaultRunner Elite vs Pro include:

  • Storage for water bottles and other items
  • Lifetime belt warranty
  • Upgraded design with more stability
  • 5 years more on frame warranty and 1-year labor warranty
  • UV Resistant Console
  • Sweat-Resistant Hand Grips

Overall, the AssaultRunner Elite is an exceptional choice but not worth the extra $1000 than the Pro version if you’re budget conscious. There are only minor flaws on an otherwise immaculate looking, reliable manual treadmill that is perhaps only rivalled by TrueForm.

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