About Us

Treadmillwhizz is a helpful resource for people who want to be healthy, fit, and stay in good shape. We provide you with the best fitness world, focusing on health and fitness cardio equipment that can help you achieve these goals.

John Magin founded Treadmillwhizz. He had always been passionate about staying healthy and living an active lifestyle. Still, when he first started his business, he only worked from home with no co-workers or employees. 

However, as time went on, more readers came to our site, and we were finally able to quit our day jobs to work full-time on this website!

We are a team of people from all walks of life working together to bring you the best information that we can find. We have carefully researched and found what we believe is the most accurate advice on fitness, nutrition, health, and personal growth. 

All this content is available for free because it’s our mission to make sure everyone has access to complete and correct information.

We review exercise and fitness products in the cardio training category, including treadmills, exercise bikes, Elliptical, and much more. 

We always provide positive and negative information about the product reviewed for users to make educated decisions.

We want to be unbiased and straightforward with our opinions, as we hope to attract a specific group of people who are health-minded and interested in this topic.

Now, Let’s meet our Team:

John Magin – Founder

John Magin, a founder of Treadmillwhizz, is a health-conscious person who has always been passionate about fitness and nutrition. He used to work as a fast-food worker, but after he started working out on his own and getting more active, he became healthier and more robust. His passion for healthy living grew from there, which led him to create the website Treadmillwhizz.com where he writes articles with tips on staying fit and healthy!

Alan Martin – Researcher and Content Writer

Alan is a fitness enthusiast, researcher, and content writer; He has worked in the fitness industry for 10 years. His work has appeared on various websites, including Mind Body Green, Yahoo! Fitness, Shape Magazine Online, and The Huffington Post.

Alan is a co-founder of treadmillwhizz.com. He reviews products in this niche and writes about using fitness equipment to lose weight or exercise with an injury for better healing.

Eamon – Researcher and content Writer

Eamon is a fitness fanatic with several years experience in running, weightlifting and nutrition to enhance performance. With a Masters of Science degree, he is well versed in researching credible sources of information to give an unbiased analysis of studies that guides readers to get the best out of their treadmill to transform health, mind and body.

Paul – Content Writer and Social Media Handler

Paul is a fitness expert and crazy for health with 12 years of experience in strength training, sports nutrition, weight lifting, and body transformation.

He dedicated most of his life and several thousands of hours to get his instruction about health, fitness, weight training, and perfect nourishment.

Paul assists in content writing and handling social media for Shapwhizz.

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