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This Treadmill Is Best for You If:

  • You want to train for marathons.
  • You want a commercial level quality of treadmill and its results.
  • You want high-end components similar to what is found in most $6000 treadmills.
  • You want a sturdy treadmill for the ages (lifetime motor and frame warranty).
  • Do you want an orthopedic belt.
  • You want to enjoy while working out e.g. listening to songs.
  • You want a good-sized belt that allows virtually anyone to walk, run or jog in complete confidence.

3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill Review summary

This treadmill is enriched with all the best features as it helps maintain your health. It has been designed beautifully that not only provides health benefits but also increases the worth of your room because of its amazingly designed body. It consists of all the features that a person requires to work out quickly and efficiently.

If you are a music lover and trying to maintain your health using the treadmill, the 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill is a great choice to listen to songs or watch your favorite TV show while working out (device compatible). The purpose of this 3G cardio elite runner treadmill review is to let you know about its significant features and decide whether it is suitable for you.

This treadmill review explains that it is a runner’s dream machine that can bear up to 400 lbs. You can enjoy this treadmill at your home. Its features, performance, and specification make it valuable among other models.

No doubt, this treadmill provides you peace of mind because it is made to stand the test of time, maintain superior performance regardless of usage, and you feel relaxed after a long run. This treadmill comes with a warranty of ten years. You do not need to worry about its performance but still, if you find any difficulty or notice any issue with the treadmill, share it with customer and they will get it fixed or replaced.

This 3G cardio elite runner treadmill review can confirm the treadmill is a gym-quality machine enriched with gym-style features. You do not need to go to the gym as you can use it at your home and maintain privacy. This treadmill also has wireless heart rate monitoring that lets you keep track of your heartbeat. It also lets you decide how much working out is enough for you according to your health and heart rate.  

It is one of the top-rated treadmills consisting of an extra-long and wide running deck. It is a non-folding treadmill and is very heavy for extra sturdiness. It would be best to keep it in a room where there is a lot of space. Never place it in a room with limited space around. You can see there are two cup holders in this treadmill that lets you hold your water bottle or any other thing while working out.

Key Specifications

MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Weight366 lbs
Maximum Horsepower4 Horsepower
Speed Rating12 miles per hour
Dimensions84’’ x 35.5’’ x 58’’
Belt TypeOrthopedic
Drive Motor Size4.0 HP
Maximum User Weight400 lbs
Maximum Incline15%

What we like

1. Entertainment Feature

This treadmill allows you to enjoy music while working out. It consists of built-in speakers and cools down with a multi-speed fan. You can connect your smart devices with it, such as mobile phone, computer, tablet, etc., and enjoy music in your surroundings. You can also watch a TV show or a movie on your tablet while working out. This treadmill helps you to create your own private sanctuary.

2. Advanced Controls

This 3G cardio elite runner treadmill review explains that this treadmill consists of advanced controls such as one-touch controls. These controls let you change the speed quickly and easily. You just need to touch a button for this purpose. This feature saves you time in adjusting the right speed for you. You do not have to spend much time running and adjusting the speed.

3. Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring

This treadmill comes with the feature of wireless heart rate monitoring that lets you keep track of your exertion rate. It also helps you stay in the correct zone for your targeted goal. You can keep track of your heartbeat and enjoy efficient health benefits.

4. Good Sized Running Belt

The size of its running belt is worth considering. As we know, people hate finding a potential treadmill and then realize that they should be tripping over their feet because it is too narrow. This 3G cardio elite runner treadmill review mentions that the size of its running belt is 22″ x 62″. This belt can accommodate virtually any trainee.

5. Shock Absorbing Belt

This treadmill comes with a shock-absorbing belt that does not let a traumatic impact on your knees, ankles, and hips. Thus, this treadmill is also known as a game-changer.

6. Workout Variety

This treadmill offers plenty of workout variety to you. It not only possesses eight built-in programs, but there is also the option for creating two custom programs. You can select the manual mode and can change the speed. You can run any program on it according to your needs and requirements. You can use it for running and walking no matter what time.

What we don’t like

1- Display Area

The display area of this treadmill is not attractive as the screen dimensions are not disclosed. It seems like the screen display is very small, which can create an issue of weak eyesight for you. Plus, it makes it difficult for you to keep track of your workout stats. A small display screen displays the information in small letters and numbers where it can become difficult for the older people to view the screen. It can also become difficult for those having weak eyesight.

2- Price

The price of this treadmill is also an issue because it is expensive than other models. Plus, it also lacks built in entertainment options that make it less choosy among other treadmill models such as the NordicTrack X22i. So, if you are looking for a cheap treadmill with advanced entertainment options, it is not suitable for you.

3- Bare Bones Console

The console is exceptionally bare bones, where it possesses only four small feedback windows that show you your stats. Plus, you can not read your stats constantly. In other words, if you want to check your working out time, speed, distance, calories, etc., you cannot get a constant reading. Moreover, this treadmill toggles back and forth when you run. No doubt, it isn’t enjoyable.

4- Connection Problem

There is a lack of connection problem of the treadmill with the internet. You can only connect your phone or any other smart device with this treadmill using a cable, but it does not provide a wireless connection with your smart device. There are only eight pre-built workouts with an iPod dock. It does not come with a web browser and a tablet holder.

5- Difficult to move

Depending on your size and strength, this treadmill could require 3 people to move parts around. As it doesn’t fold and can’t be wheel around, it’s more suited to someone with adequate room space on a ground floor level, and who is staying in the same location for the next several years. Although, you can hire people to move your treadmill for a reasonable price.

What’s New in this Version

3G cardio elite runner treadmill is better than previous models as it possesses an upgrade, commercial Ortho Flex Shock suspension system that provides plenty of cushion. The belts of this treadmill are more comfortable and thicker than previous ones. It makes it easy for you to exercise.

Wireless HR receiver is a new feature that has been added in this version of the 3G cardio treadmill. The wireless HR chest belt is also new, making it unique from the other treadmills. It also consists of audio speakers that can be connected through the USB port. It is also enriched with the MP3 function.

The box dimension of the 3G cardio elite runner treadmill is greater than the previous versions of this treadmill. It can also bear more user’s weight as compared to other treadmills. It offers a warranty of ten years for its body parts. It provides shock absorption and support for reducing the impact on your hips, knees, ankles, and feet.

This treadmill comes with pulse grip heart rate monitoring. It also includes wireless chest strap monitoring and heart rate programs. You can also see that this model also consists of a workout fan that keeps you cool during the workout. This treadmill model by 3G cardio is straightforward to use and comes with speed buttons.

3G cardio elite runner treadmill also includes a LED display with zero glare TM matte finish display. You can also see that it also consists of windows that can display pace, pulse, calories, distance traveled, time, incline, and speed. You can also enjoy eight different automatic programs such as running or walking, a steady pace or intervals, flat or hills, etc. Plus, you can also enjoy two customizable programs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the residential warranty of the 3g cardio elite runner treadmill?

The residential warranty of a 3g cardio elite runner treadmill includes lifetime frame, lifetime motor, one-year in-home labor, and five years parts.

What is the weight capacity of the 3g cardio elite runner treadmill?

3G cardio elite runner treadmill can bear a weight of up to 400 lbs. No doubt, it is more than the average weight of a person, so it is suitable for everyone.

What type of entertainment is offered by this treadmill?

3G cardio elite runner treadmill allows you to connect your smart devices with it so you can listen to songs and watch your favorite TV shows while working out. You can connect your smart device through the USB port. But it does not get connected to the internet, i.e., you cannot connect your device with this treadmill through a wireless connection.

What is the average price of a 3g cardio elite runner treadmill?

The average price of this treadmill is about $3999. You can also search for the shops offering discounts.

How can you keep track of your workout through this treadmill?

This treadmill comes with a built-in LED that lets you monitor your progress. For example, you can check your pulse rate through this treadmill. You can also check how many calories have been burnt, how much distance you have covered, the current speed, how much time you have spent working out, etc.

Is there any comforting feature in the 3G cardio elite runner treadmill?

Yes, this treadmill has unique comforting features such as water bottle holders, a cooling fan, speed/incline controls, and a built-in speaker. A grip and wireless HR monitoring system are also included in the comforting features of the 3G cardio elite runner treadmill.

What makes this treadmill unique?

There are a lot of features that make this treadmill version unique from the previous versions. These features include USB audio speakers, wireless HR chest belts, wireless HR receivers, more user weight capacity, and a ten-year warranty.

Is there any bottle holder in this treadmill?

Yes, there are two cup holders in this treadmill which you can use for holding your water bottle, a cup of coffee, or any other thing you want.

How do you keep this treadmill cool?

You do not need to keep this treadmill cool yourself. It comes with a built-in fan that protects the treadmill from getting too hot due to working out for a long time. This fan maintains the temperature of the room and protects the treadmill from getting damaged.

Is any membership required for using its multimedia services?

No, you do not need any membership for using the features of this treadmill. You can enjoy different types of songs and watch TV shows by connecting your tablet or mobile phone with this treadmill through your workout routine. 

What are some built-in programs in the 3G cardio elite runner treadmill?

This treadmill consists of all the required features such as preprogrammed courses, one-touch speed setting, fitness tests, and heart rate control. Plus, you can also create customized workouts using this treadmill.

What is the horsepower of this treadmill?

The horsepower of this treadmill is 4.0 CHP. The speed rating of this treadmill is 12 miles per hour.

Can 3g cardio elite runner treadmill be folded?

No, 3g cardio elite runner treadmill cannot be folded because it is a non-folding treadmill that is fixed the way it is.

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